About Glow Getter Diaries

Welcome to my first ever blog post, thank you for visiting my official website! I’m Kayla Andes, I’m an ambitious makeup artist, youtuber, blogger, & entrepreneur, among many other things. If you’re curious to know more about me, you can find more about me here! I’ve finally found a way to merge my two life long love’s & passion’s together, all things beauty & writing, by creating the Glow Getter Diaries.

What is the Glow Getter Diaries? 

The Glow Getter Diaries is the name I created for my beauty, fashion, & lifestyle blog on my website. The Glow Getter Diaries is where I will be sharing & posting my love for all things beauty & lifestyle weekly. I created the Glow Getter Diaries because I’ve been itching to create & post content. I was consistently filming & posting youtube videos since april of 2016 & as of the past few months I’ve taken a break from filming due to my sporadic & demanding life/work schedule. I love youtube & do want to continue pursing that outlet for publishing content, but realistically it takes me a lot of time & effort to film that isn’t always available regularly to me. So I thought what better way to share my love for writing & combine it with my love for all things beauty & create a blog! Glow Getter Diaries will allow me to post more content regularly, quickly, & network in between filming youtube videos, especially when a few topics aren’t video worthy. Writing is another aspect of my life that I feel just comes so naturally to me, I love to write, create, & express myself. When I was attending college I was an english & journalism major, a career I chose to put on the back burner for my love of beauty. I’m excited to mix my two passion’s together & give the Glow Getter Diaries life!

The Glow Getter Diaries isn’t just a place for me to be myself & post content I love, but I also want it to be a place of inspiration & empowerment for everyone, especially women. I want it to be my Glow Gang head quarters, a place where beautiful, ambitious, inspirational & persistent women can gain empowerment & help from one another, while also networking. Aside from posting beauty, fashion, & lifestyle posts, I also want to network with other entrepreneurs & business owners, for example, I’ll be featuring exclusive interviews from my favorite boss babes & business owners who inspire me.

What is a Glow Getter? 

A Glow Getter is someone who is hardworking, inspirational, & fiercely motivated by their own dreams & potential to have everything their heart desires! A Glow Getter is someone who gets up, shows up, & never gives up. Basically a cute name for what many of us know as ‘Go Getters’, with a little beauty twist on it! I chose Glow Getter because when someone realizes their true power, potential, & purpose in this world, they not only go for it, but GLOW for it. & let’s be honest, I love to layer on the highlighter & glow!

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