My Favorite Books

My Favorite Books


If you know me, you know I love a good read & I always have! Early on, growing up during high school, I was more interested in teen fiction. A lack of cell phone & computer back then, left me with the option of spending most of my free time reading. These days what fills my appetite for brain food are motivational, love & relationship related, life coaching, & business oriented reads. Displayed in this posts pictures are 6 of a long list of my favorite books. I also will include two other books that I have on Ebook that I love just as much. I pick up new books all the time & am a true junkie for a good read. Lets dig into these page turners!


1. The Four Agreements, By Don Miguel Ruiz:

I love this read because its a mind opening tell all about the 4 agreements you can use to greatly increase your happiness in a very simplified way. Though they so simplified, somehow these 4 agreements call you expand your way of thinking, feeling, & doing in everyday life. Mastery of these 4 agreements can result in a massive life change of over all happiness, bliss, & abundance for as long as you honor the 4 agreements in your everyday life.

2. #GIRLBOSS, By Sophia Amoruso

If you haven’t heard of this book or Sophia Amoruso, you must be living under a fashion senseless rock. Sophia is thee #GIRLBOSS! This is a self-written book about her journey as a broke ticket ripper at a local museum to becoming a multi-millionaire from following her passion for vintage clothing & the power of an Ebay account, to what we all know now as Nasty Gal clothing & fashion.

3. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, By Steve Harvey

What an eye grabbing title, huh? Well if you’re a woman, of course. Who wouldn’t want to think like a man but more importantly, do so while still acting like a lady. I absolutely love Steve Harvey & a number of his books, this read in particular, I found to be a quick page turner that gives mind opening & extremely useful tips when it comes to meeting a man, dating a man, understanding the quality of that man, & how that man truly feels about you. I highly recommend for all my single ladies & even if you’re in a relationship, as a woman, these things are always helpful to know!

4. Why Men Marry Bitches, By Sherry Argov

Another eye grabber, Lol! This is by far one of my favorite books when it comes to men, from a woman perspective. I also love a few other books by Sherry Argov, like the sequel to this book. Why Men Marry Bitches is a tell all from Sherry Argov about how to find the right man, get the respect & love  you deserve, & make the relationship last. This is a hard to put down read that I again recommend for single women & women who are currently in a relationship.

5. The 5 Love Languages, By Gary Chapman

A love language is the way we all give & receive love, there are 5 different love languages, that we all most likely encounter through out our lives. This book is all about discovering what your personal love language is, how to understand the needs & wants of others with similar & different love languages than you. I highly recommend this book or those who are in relationships, although this is the singles version it does still apply, while there is an actual couples addition. Single’s will also love this book as well since it could help greatly when pursuing dating.

6.  Style, By Lauren Conrad

An old school favorite. If you were ever a fan of Laguna Beach, then you’re probably a fan of & familiar with LC a.k.a Lauren Conrad. MTV tv show star teen turned fashion intern turned style icon. EPIC. Her book Style, breaks down all the basic’s when it comes to assembling a wardrobe. The basic pieces every woman needs like that LBD, work blazer, & pumps. With many more style tips & trips that are still solid gold till this day. Trust me, it has almost just everything a girl on a mission to win, needs!

Book’s not included in the photograph that I also adore:

7. Girl Code, By Cara Awil Leyba 

If you’re a self-made boss babe dedicated to make your dreams come true, this is the book for you. Self made, award-winning, self made entrepreneur, Cara tell you about her journey from growing up broke, to making over 6 figures at MTV, to leaving that 9-5 to chase her dreams & help women accomplish their goals & dreams just like she did, while also getting rich by doing it! & the best part is, all Cara had to do to make it happen, besides working her pedicured toes off, was being herself. Something we all have the power to do.

8.  I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This, Kate White

The ultimate boss bade & power bitch book, all in one. Kate White tells you how to ask for the money, snag the promotion, & create the career you deserve. Need I say more?! Kate White is a previous editor at Cosmopolitan magazine who has worked her way up in the business world extremely, the lessons, tips, & tricks presented to you in this book are career changing!

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