Women’s Entrepreneur Dinner

Women’s Entrepreneur Dinner


Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to a women entrepreneurs dinner, at one of my favorite restaurants, surrounded by some of the most beautiful, smart, ambitious, & successful women I’ve ever met. The dinner was hosted by Haelee Tallett & Keala Sonnenberg, two self-made business owners, who invited various women in the beauty & product providing industry, who each cater to a certain niche or demographic, to attend this networking dinner.


Upon showing up, I didn’t inquire about who in particular had been invited, I asked Haelee how many girls were attending, she said 6 & that was all I needed to know. I’ve been a long time friend of Haelee’s & I trust her judgement when it comes to people & especially business. As it turned out, I knew most of the women attending, either through mutual friends, social media, or word of mouth. It was so nice to finally meet some of these women I’ve only seen or heard of & get to know them on more of a personal level & discuss business & life together.

We had the dinner at 53 By The Sea, a gorgeous restaurant right on the water, known for their delicious seafood cuisine. Haelee & Keala put so much time & effort into this dinner it was the sweetest thing to experience for the first time, they made me feel so special! As soon as we walked up to our table there were champagne bottles covered in a beautiful glitter ombre at every seat, teal boxes, & the most touching note cards. Haelee even gifted us all the most gorgeous pair of earrings to us each, hand made by herself, from her business.


The intent of the dinner was to hopefully network & create new friendships or business partners, & the result was way beyond that. The vibe of the table was just a high vibration of pure genuine girl power & love, it was energizing! ‘Finally, women who get me & this lifestyle’, we all said. When you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner, etc. It can be often challenging finding people who can relate to your life style of constantly building a business & creating a brand. For us there is no typical ‘9-5’, this is a 24/7 lifestyle of waking up to show up & going to bed dreaming of business idea’s, it’s an around the clock hustle. While invigorating, it can also be exhausting not having anyone who can relate or sympathize, so being around a table of women who down right just get it & genuinely want to help & support you, is the number one antidote for an over worked boss babe-prenuer.


I’m so excited & flattered to be apart of this amazing group of incredible women, we can’t wait to grow this exclusive group over time as we continue to support one another & each others businesses. Our first dinner was an absolute success! We plan to meet regularly throughout the year to touch base with each other about life & goals, hold one another accountable, & to do what we can to help & support all of our dreams. There is no force greater than women coming together out of genuine love & support, to empower each other. Cheer’s to the future!


Kayla Andes: Makeup Services

Haelee TallettJewelry Business

Keala Sonnenberg: Lash Services

Landace McBrayer: Waxing Services

Bree Pu’uwai: Management Services

Shaunalei Barbasa: Laser Removal Services


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