Beauty Buys I Regret!

Beauty Buys I Regret!


Kylie Cosmetic’s Kylighter, Salted Caramel:

I can’t personally speak for all the Kylighter quality, maybe the different shades vary in quality, but I will say that I was extremely disappointed with the Salted Caramel highlighter. I actually didn’t purchase this product myself, it was gifted to me by one of my best friends, but I am so disappointed in it I couldn’t keep it out of today’s post. There was much debate online in the beauty world when these products first launched, many jumped to Kylie Jenner’s defense saying that not everyone want’s a blinding highlight & this is great for the more ‘natural’ beauty enthusiast. I beg to differ, the quality over all is such a faint pigment, for the price of $22, I think ‘natural’ beauty enthusiast will be over spending even for the ‘natural’ affect of the product. Really weird texture on pan & it’s not pigmented enough in my opinion.

Kylie Cosmetic’s, ‘Kylie’s Diary’ Valentine’s collection piece:

Another product from Kylie Cosmetics, though I purchased this item myself. I was very disappointed in the blush quality. These were the first blushes she ever put out, before her actual single blushes launched for purchase. They were very low pigment, you have to add product multiple times to your brush & cheeks to really get a significant color pay off. Again, maybe this is something a ‘natural’ beauty enthusiast would appreciate. Then, the pigmentation of the shadows in the diary are beautiful, but the color scheme is just all wrong as far as transition shades & full versatility of the product. This is a palette you will have to integrate another shadow palette with for proper & more usable colors & transition shades. Thus making this a regret buy, for the fact I can’t create a complete shadow look with this color scheme, & the blushes are too faint for my taste. I like palettes where if you were to travel it has everything you could possibly need, especially color wise, to avoid carrying excess palettes. I like all in one’s & this was not it for me.

Giorgio Armani, luminous Silk Foundation:

This was a disappointing buy, because of the hype alone that this foundation gets, & for $64, you can see why some people are iffy to splurge. It’s definitely not cheap, & from experience, it definitely doesn’t work for everyone. I highly recommend this foundation to normal-dry skin types, who are not sensitive at all. Being that I am oily-combo skin type, I found this foundation gave me no longevity, too much dewy-ness, & it actually broke my skin out with tiny red pimple like bumps after a few hours of wear. I did my research & found out that this foundation contains different types of silica, silicon, etc. All of which I have learned through experience, break my skin out, because I’m sensitive to any type of silica (filler) product. Not to say the finish & coverage wasn’t beautiful, it was just not for my skin type at all.

Ouai, ‘Repair’ Shampoo & Conditioner:

Ouai, The notorious Jen Atkin celebrity hair stylist to the Kardashians, hair products line. Much hype surrounded this brand when it first launched due to publicity & exposure from not only the Kardashians, but also a huge list of main stream beauty blogger’s who have also worked with Jen. I am definitely not knocking the entire line, there are products from Ouai that I really love, such as the texturizing spray as well as the hair treatment mask, but unfortunately there are two products that I feel I wasted my money on for the price. Priced at $28 for the Repair Shampoo & $26 for the Repair Conditioner, that total’s $54 for the Repair duo. I didn’t hesitate too much on this purchase due to the benefit of an employee discount I get to utilize when shopping Ouai on Regardless of my discount, I still feel very disappointed with this buy. It reminded me of drug store generic hair brand quality, than the quality of a hairstylist whose been professionally working with celebrities for years. Maybe the other shampoo & conditioner qualities may vary depending on the demographic, such as ‘clean’, ‘volume’, etc. But I was displeased with the repair duo. Especially because I love the hair repair treatment mask! There is a huge disconnect between the two. I feel these products did nothing extraordinary for my hair & especially not ‘repair’ my hair any better than the condition it was in before using these products.

Clinque Makeup Remover Wipes:

I was super surprised with this buy & the lack of satisfaction I got from it. I actually love majority of Clinque’s makeup removing products such as the ‘take it off’ balm & the oil free eye remover. So I assumed I would probably love these makeup removing wipes just as much, but I actually hated them. The were too abrasive for my eye area & lacked the ability to remove my most stubborn eye makeup, unlike their other removal products. The retail price of this product is $14, not too pricey, but considering there are better quality & serving makeup remover wipes retailing for half the price or less at the drug store, I would not never recommend this product to anyone nor give it a second try.

Kiehl’s, Cream Eye Treatment with Avocado:

Another brand that I love generally, I’m obsessed with the Midnight recovery line as well as the hand salve & various other body products. I’m always on the hunt for a good eye cream & this was another highly hyped online as a cult favorite. I was disappointed in this buy because I was expecting more from it than it’s created to do. I thought this eye cream would diminish puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, & hydrate. But all it really did for me was hydrate & illuminate. Though, that’s what its made to do, it does not give any anti aging benefits, reduce puffiness, or minimize dark circles. Although I was displeased with the gratification I received from this product, just because it didn’t target my concerns, not because it wasn’t a product that give’s benefits. I would recommend this product as an eye cream option for extremely dry individuals or just someone who is looking to really hydrate the eye area, & nothing else. But for $29 just to moisturize, even if that was my only concern, I still would not purchase for the hefty price to treat one concern.

Fresh, Soy Face Cleanser:

This was another product I had heard was great & was somewhat of a skin care cult favorite, & for $15 for 50ml, I didn’t mind paying to try the hype. I don’t know what I really expected out of this product considering I don’t use any other Fresh face products, though I use the lip balms & bath soaps, so I have no idea what their skincare is really like other than trying this product. My assumption though, is the Fresh skin care line is better suited for the normal to very dry or sensitive skin types, although the product says made for all skin types. I just felt this did nothing for makeup removal or even giving me a super fresh-faced feeling after cleansing a bare face & washing with it. It reminds me a lot of Cetaphil, which again is amazing for sensitive skin. It just did nothing for me & I’ve realized I’m more of a foaming cleanser type of girl.

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