Holy Grail Highlighters

Holy Grail Highlighters

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After all, this is the Glow Getter Diaries, so you know I love a good highlight! I’m not talking about a subtle candle light glow, I’m talking that blinding, show stopping, highlight your entire life, glow! So today I’m bringing you my tried & true’s, my holy grail highlighters, that I can’t live without. This is my steady rotation of highlights I switch between, when I’m occasionally not trying out new highlighters. These are some of the oldies but goodies, a few new can’t live without, & all the forever in my makeup wardrobe highlighters! If you truly know me, you know I’m all about either that pure gold tone or a golden champagne tone highlight, I don’t care for icy iridescent, rose gold, or anything else in-between. If it glitters, it better be gold! So give me the gold baby & give me it all!

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(Swatches from top to bottom: Lancôme, Dose of Colors, Pat McGrath, Inglot, & MAC)

Lancôme, Sparkling Peche

A new favorite in my highlight collection, the formula of this highlight is incredibly creamy, with a slight wet feel. These highlighters come in various gorgeous colors, but sparkling peche captured my 24k gold heart. It’s the perfect pigment of gold & champagne. This formula is highly pigmented, one swatch, & I almost had a heat stroke from this highlight. It’s a little more on the pricey side for a highlight, but it’s worth every penny!

Dose of Colors, Fuego

A new highlight & one of the highly hyped highlighters from the DesixKaty collection! Not only do I love Desi & Katy to death, but I love this highlight just as equally! It definitely lives up to its name, Fuego, a beautiful golden champagne highlight. This was one of my first Dose of Colors products & I’m very happy with it, it’s highly pigmented but still easy to work with. Depending on your application & how much product you add, you can get a subtle J.Lo glow or an amp’d up DesixKaty glow. It’s very buildable. The formula feel’s like a smooth powder finish highlight, it applies smooth & beautiful on the face, not magnifying any face texture.

Pat McGrath, Fine Gold

Almost an exact dupe for Fenty Beauty’s, ‘Trophy wife’. Yes, I said exact dupe!! Unfortunately I do believe this highlighter is limited edition, another reason why I hold it so close to my heart & avoid hitting pan at all cost. But who am I kidding, I still have a brand new unopened package of this highlight I’m saving, Lol. This is literally the definition of a beautiful yellow iridescent gold highlight, hence the name it lives up to, ‘Fine gold‘. Whats unique about this product aside from its amazing pigmentation, is it’s presentation. It can not be bought individually, Pat McGrath retails this product in an envelope type package filled with gold sequins, this powder highlight, a highlight brush, & duo ended creme highlight stick, all for around $70. The presentation is incredible gorgeous. It’s definitely a pricey buy, but every now & then, she brings it back for a relaunch & it sells out, every single time!

Inglot, Sparkling Dust 002

The first ever loose powder highlight to capture my heart. Pause. Have you ever tried a loose powder highlight before? Game changing. Especially this one from Inglot, which is a steal for the price of $17!! I’ve had mine for over a year & have not run out, the life span & pigmentation of this highlight is amazing, a little goes quite a long way. You can thin it out for a soft glow or build it up for a blinding spot light glow. It’s more on the champagne iridescent side, with yellow gold under stones & reflects. I love this on the cheekbones, but it’s my favorite for the inner corner of the eye & under the brow bone.

MAC, Oh Darling

An oldie but goodie, in the beauty cult favorite world, & also in my makeup wardrobe. As usual, I was late to the hype on this product. (I’m not a hype-buy person, until months later I finally try the hype, & learn the hype is so real, Lol) It was a highly favorited limited edition MAC highlighter that was extremely hard to get your hands on, once sold out. I actually purchased mine when it was still limited before the relaunch, it was a un-used return product in my beauty department & I jumped on it so quick to buy it! But luckily, the highlighter was so loved & requested that MAC brought it back, & they brought it back for good! Do you know how rare it is for MAC to do that? This highlight basically sells itself, it’s the most gorgeous champagne gold toned highlight that’s the perfect pigmentation for any occasion & everyday wear. It’s not subtle, but not blinding, unless you want it to be. It’s gorgeous on its own but definitely steals the show when applied & set with a little fix plus!

Disclaimer: I tend to wear not only one of these highlights on the daily, but multiple! I love layering highlighters, why use one, when you can use many! Any layered highlight combination of these highlighters will give you a gorgeous, blinding, glow that can be seen at a distance. FYI, if you wear any of these highlights, I can bet you’ll be asked, “What highlight are you wearing?”.

I hope you loved this blog post! Let’s chat in the comment section below, what’s your favorite highlighter & why?

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    September 22, 2017 / 11:52 am

    Who doesn’t love a blinding highlight! They’re all stunning, but Fuego and Sparkling dust are my favs! 🤤✨

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