How I made my first $1k off Social media + How-To

How I made my first $1k off Social media + How-To

I took a poll recently on my social media asking if my following would like to see me write about my journey making an income off of social media thus far & the results were through the roof with the answer, “Yes”. If you didn’t already know, My Glow Gang (Mailing Subscriber list) gets not only first but exclusive access to all the latest & juiciest information & posts. The Glow Gang received all this knowledge this past monday, but I felt it only fair considering the demand for this post, that I would release it publicly. So lets skip the small talk & get straight to the mula & how to!

Now let me start off by telling you a very important key to making money off of social media: Have no expectations & do not go into it with the intent to make money. Ironic much?

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I never expected to make money, let alone $1,000. All I expected was maybe a few friends or followers to support me, & luckily they did, & they continue to do so. My intent was really to promote products I genuinely loved & share the good word about how awesome they were. Because I love the prduct & because I love the brand. In order to make profit off of social media, you have to have some type of following & support system that is behind you, trusting (another key word) in you, what you say, what you post, & what you promote. Your following are people who generally really like you, trust in you, & want you to succeed- so treat your following well. Pay attention to them, what they’re interested in, what they’re interested in seeing from you, & use all of those answers to your best advantage. Treat your following like a family & you’ll see & feel their support. Treat your following like they’re cash cows & you’ll struggle to see your first dime.

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There are so many ways to make money off of social media, but truly my testimony is all about product promotion. Product promotion & affiliating is basically when a company gives you a promotional discount code that you share & each time your code is used on a purchase, you get a percent of that purchase. Average companies usually start off with 10-20% & gauge your income over time to determine if your profit rate stays the same or increases. A lot of times we see these fitness guru’s with millions of followers on instagram talking about their fit tea or protein & they make so much money off of it, & the same for beauty guru’s with millions of followers & their makeup codes. So naturally we think to ourselves its impossible to promote products unless we have tons & tons of followers to even get noticed by companies to receive promotional & affiliate codes. But thats far from true, as long as you have some following that is consistency & constantly engaging with you. Engagement is HUGE in the influencing world especially when it comes to breaking deals with businesses, you could have millions of followers but only hundreds to thousands of likes or comments on a photo which means your engagement rate is extremely low in the percent tile. Or you could have 1,000-2,000 followers with 1,000 likes or comments on your photo or posts, which means you have a high engagement rate. Engagement is important to companies over followers because it proves you have an audience with open eyes & open ears, they are actively on your page. Not got following you. If you have any of this, you’re already on track to being able to promote to an audience. & lucky enough for us all, I truly believe this next year will be all about the rise of the micro influencers!

First step in promoting is finding a niche, genre, or product that you’re genuinely (big key word here), I’ll say it again, GENUINELY, interested in or love. Let’s say you’re an animal lover & a pet mom, there are opportunities for you out there! There are animal servicing companies who provide affiliate codes to owners & pets who love their products & want to promote them- it’s all about doing your research. Whatever your niche or interest is in, believe me when I say there are so many opportunities, it’s all about narrowing down what you really love & what CLEARLY represents you authentically to your audience. I love beauty, makeup, & fashion, so you can bet your ass if I started promoting construction tools people would be looking at me & questioning, “What the f*ck is she doing? she hasn’t built a thing in her life let alone talked about construction, ever”. You see my point here? You are a brand, so stay on brand, & stay true to yourself & what you decide to narrow in on to promote.

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I’ll be honest with you, half of this is hard work & the other half is the luck of the draw. once you narrow in on what you really love & what represents your brand or lifestyle, start posting about it, duh! Use hashtags in relation to what you’re posting as well as tagging the brand you’re featuring in & loving, you NEVER know- they just may reach out to you for your support in their business. This is usually the top way to get noticed by a brand. Support them by buying an item you love by them, post it, & talk about how much you love it. Now not every band will reach out to you, don’t be discouraged, 90% of entrepreneurship is about resilience & assertiveness, especially when it comes to making money off of the internet. If the company/brand/niche you want to be promoting for isn’t reaching out to you- REACH OUT TO THEM.

Unfortunately we’re living in a very saturated world online where your post can get lost in a sea of millions of other post who are all loving the same thing as you, so don’t take it personal if the brand doesn’t see your post, it’s hard for them to see many honestly. So reach out, send them an email or DM about how much you love their product or service & how you’d really love to help support their business by getting the world out & promoting the brand, then throw out the idea of a promotional code. Remember: it’s all about what you can offer them, not the other way around. & if one company turns you down or doesn’t respond, here’s where the resilience comes in to play- in the great words of the late Aaliyah, DUST YOURSELF OFF & try again! That simple. I promise the 100 no’s will be so worth that 1 huge yes. Be patient with yourself on this.

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My first $1,000 definitely didn’t happen over night, the $1,000 I made was annual income from a year’s time of promoting, which I was amazed in because I hadn’t even set out intending to make that much! I just went it every month, promoted what I love, got a small portion of payment every month, & eventually when I did the math..I was shook to see it’s been $1,000! & Thats without even intentionally trying! So be patient with yourself in the process if you are about to promote for a brand or affiliate, continue to be enthusiastic, & most importantly genuine. It will all fall into place. A big reason I believe my income was a consistent similar amount every month from a particular brand was because I had shared it on my Youtube channel. That brand was often searched & is a very well known brand so my video started to circulate rapidly & my code was shared thousands of times which I’m so humbled & grateful for! So like I said before, the brands you select, can take you a long way if it’s something you truly love. The major key to success in product promoting & influecing on social media is authentically being enthusiastic & in love with what you’re promoting & sharing that love with others.

I hope I gave you a lot to take away from this testimony & how-to. Hopefully you gained a lot of tips, insight, & encouragement if it’s something you’ve been interested in! The world is yours for the taking, theres enough of it to go around, so start taking & asking for it all!

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