Must have of the month: Sunglass up shades

Must have of the month: Sunglass up shades

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This past month of October you’ve seen me rocking these sets of shades countless times on IG stories or Snapchat!  Especially in my Moxy Boutique Look Book I recently released! It’s officially no secret…these sunglasses are my must have of the past month! The sunglass accessories featured in the look book are from none other than my number one & only destination for sunglasses now,  Sunglass Up! They have quickly become go to for my sunglass obsession! Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories & I am a huge ass sunglasses hoarder, I always have been.

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Whether it’s to hide from the haters or hide my hang over (LOL) there is literally not a day I do not use sunglasses or have them in my purse every where I go! Do you know how many time’s I’ve even had extra pairs in my bag for my friends who forgot theirs!? (Your welcome sis). Sunglasses have always been my go to accessory since I’m more of a minimalist jewelry type of girl. I always reach fora pair of over sized shades when I’m running out the door with no makeup on for errands & I don’t want to be recognized! Serious God send accessory.

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I won’t lie, as much as I love a good pair of shades, I’ve never been one to spend on luxury or designer sunglasses. I only love a good trendy pair of shades without having to cough up huge cash for them. My personal opinion, is you shouldn’t have to spend major scripts on small accessories! Probably also why I’m such a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing. So it’s so bomb that ALL of their styles are under $10! Does it get any better than that?! Definitely not considering the quality of all their pieces are A1! You receive the style the exact same way you see them on the website & everything on the site is a major style steal.

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Sunglass Up has been so sweet to give me a discount code for my following to see what the hype is really about! & You know I’m big on the proof always being in the pudding! So you can be the judge too, shop the styles featured in my Moxy Look Book & SO much more styles on Sunglass Up & at check out use my discount code: KAYANDS

I hope you enjoyed the inside scoop of my must have of the month from October! What’s one of your must have items from this past month? You know I’m always on the hunt for the latest & greatest, Spill the deets in the comment section below!

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