Glam Time Luxuries

Glam Time Luxuries

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Today’s blog post is all about the little glam time luxuries I treat myself to while getting ready, whether it be for work, a special occasion, event, I always incorporate these into my glam & getting ready routine! I love to feel good while I make myself look good & these are the things that make my glam time just so much more enjoyable & luxurious, plus they make me feel boujie as f*ck!

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I love to get glam in a robe, preferably silk! Getting ready in a silk robe eliminates the chances of getting the outfit you’ll wear our dirty or stained with makeup! I hate ruining an outfit getting ready before I even have a chance to wear it out! I love my silk robes because they’re so light & delicate on the skin, they feel heavenly, & definitely boujie! I just love robes because they’re so comfy & easy to throw on for glam or after a shower when I’m too lazy to get dressed.

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I can’t be the only one who hates when hair gets in the way of glam?! Especially when it comes to my foundation routine! Depending on if my hair is already styled or not, I’d rather not ruin the style by putting it up in a hair tie, so I opt for head bands- & If you know me, I’m kind of (really) a crazy cat lady, so I love picking up cat ears head bands to use to hold my hair back & out of my face while I get glam! They’re just so playful & cute!

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If you’re serious about glam time, then I know you’re serious about your mirror & lighting too! A vanity mirror is necessary af! There’s definitely nothing worse than a horrible mirror & horrible lighting while trying to get cute af! Unfortunately the mirror I currently use from Lash Label, is sold out, but fret not- I found an exact dupe for it that you can purchase, here. I love it because its also perfect for travel! It’s light weight, battery operated, lights up on its own, & has different magnifications & mirror angles! What more could a girl need for glam everyday or out of town?!

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A ice rollerHoly sh*t. I could talk about ice rolling all day long! it’s definitely my favorite part of my pre-glam routine. Not only does ice rolling promote lymphatic drainage, but it also reduces puffiness, swelling, inflammation, & wrinkles! My favorite time to use my ice roller is when I wake up in the morning before glam starts! My face is always a little puffy, especially the under eye area, oh & if you’re hungover- this will save your life after a night of too much wine or vodka! Instant headache relief, your face swelling goes down, & you get this cool buzz of energy after using it on your face. You can amp up your ice rolling routine by even adding your favorite oil or serum to your face pre ice roll. If not, your moisturizer will feel amazing before primer & foundation, after you ice roll! It just gives your face that perfect supple pick me up it needs before you do your makeup routine.

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Without fail, before any other step in my makeup routine, after ice rolling, I always apply a lip treatment! It preps the lips the entire time you’re doing your glam routine before you do your lip liner or lipstick last! It gives it the deep hydration it needs before applying lipstick, especially of its a matte liquid lipstick. This happens to be my go-to & favorite lip treatment of all time! Fresh just nailed this formula, there is no other lip treatment that soothes my lips or prevents dry lips better than this one! Not to mention it has a no-stick glossy kind of finish while feeling like smooth butter on the lips. It’s definitely a must have!

Thank you for reading all about the little luxuries I treat myself to during my glam routine, I hope you found something to incorporate into your own glam routine & enjoy it just as much! As always, don’t forget to join my Glow Gang subscriber list for exclusive extra content, not posted here on the blog- this past Monday my Glow Gang received my Black Friday & Cyber Monday Beauty Guide!

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