Christmas picks for ‘her’

Christmas picks for ‘her’

Happy Holidays! Thank’s for checking out the latest blog post! Can you believe it? It’s officially December! Serious question- where tf did 2017 go?! Time has flown but I’m not complaining, I’m so excited for 2018! But I’m even more excited for more holidays! I can already feel Christmas in the air & I love it! Tis the season to bless others & I can’t wait, I always have so much fun brain storming & shopping for others, so I decided to create a Christmas gift picks list for all the her’s in your life of any age!  I decided to include beauty & lifestyle gifts, I wanted to include Fashion picks though, these days Fashion pieces are so iffy to pick when it comes to styles & sizes, either everyone’s sizes in brands or style is always changing! I wanted to keep it as simple & easy as possible with these gifts anyone of any style, interest, & taste, can enjoy!

Ice rollerGive the gift of bomb af skin! Ice rolling promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, swelling, inflammation, & wrinkles!

Odacite Acai-Rose Serum

Allure Beauty Awarded serum made for all skin types to give any skin type the most beautifully hydrated glow. Use alone as a serum day or night or drop it into your favorite day cream or night cream. For a dewy foundation moment, add a drop of this serum to foundation or your beauty blender while applying foundation!

Clinique Sonic Brush

Give the gift of squeaky clean skin with this sonic brush to uproot stubborn, dirt, debris, toxins, oils, & more from the deep pores within the skin. Amazing to remove excess makeup or exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells!

Ice Roller

The best gift on a budget, Ie Roller! Ice rolling promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, swelling, inflammation, & wrinkles! Amp up your glam routine by ice rolling pre makeup to make your skin extra primer, plump, & lifted. For an added ice rolling benefit bonus, apply your favorite serum before ice rolling!

Dry Brush

Give the gift of perfect soft skin with a dry brush. Use daily to exfoliate away dead skin cells, fight & reduce cellulite & stretch marks, while leaving the skin super energized, fresh, & soft af! For an added touch of silkiness, rub your favorite oil like coconut oil all over the body pre-dry brushing!

Lash Label Lashes

Blow everyone away with the glamorous styles of lashes found at Lash Label, from super dramatic to subtle & natural, there is truly a style for every woman. I always gift Lash Label lashes to my girl friends! Cruelty free, made of silk, & all $5-15, you can’t beat the price & the quality of these must have lashes! (To save extra $ while shopping, at check out use discount code: KAYANDS)


Give the gift of organization to your fav beauty junkie with this acrylic makeup & skin care organizer. It’s perfect for that friend whose makeup is always all over the place! Tidy up your makeup collection with this beautiful see through organizer, to never lose a makeup product again!

Sigma Brush Set

Give the gift of artistry to a beautiful enthusiast or aspiring artist with this essential starter set by Sigma. Hook her up with a set of some of the best quality brushes ranging from eyes to face!

Vanity Impressions Mirror

Step up her glam game by gifting this beautiful vanity mirror to spice up her makeup routine. This mirror allows you to hook up to bluetooth to play music, listen to podcasts, charge your phone, & even answer phone calls. A must have for the multi-tasking beauty babe!

Untitled design-2

Sonoma Lavender Neck Pillow

What better gift than the one of relaxation?! This gift is perfect for anyone you know that works hard & needs an extra dose of clam before getting her beauty sleep in. It’s also perfect for the babe you know that’s always on the go traveling, she needs this filled with Sonoma Lavender it just radiates the scent of pure bliss! For extra amazingness, microwave the neck pillow for 1 minute before adorning it!

Sonoma Lavender Eye Mask

More relaxation, duh! This Sonoma Lavender eye mask is ultimate nap or bed time relaxation, giving your senses serenity in every wiff! This is a must give gift for a friend you know may have trouble sleeping!

Hydroflask Wine Tumblr

This gift is perfect for that friend that always likes to keep things a little extra fun on the go with a little booze! This hydro flask wine tumbler is perfect for taking a glass on the go or keeping things chill extra long!

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Candle

This gift is perfect for a homebody friend who just loves to chill & relax by candle light in the comfort of their own home than go out, this scent by Jo Malone is absolutely divine, & this scent is nothing short of boujie– peep the price tag! I mean, who doesn’t love a good luxurious candle?

No Drama Club Mug

This is for that friend who likes her tea & coffee hot & is all about her business, only! Like, tell me this isn’t one of the cutest mugs you’ve seen!? Such a cute add-on gift to a bag of quality coffee or tea!

Voluspa Crisp Champagne Candle

Another perfect gift for a homebody friend wo loves chilling by candle light. Gift a non alcoholic version of champagne they can enjoy any time of the day! I love Voluspa candles, they burn so well, & smell so good!

Chambord Classic Tea Pot

This gift is perfect for a non coffee drinking babe, this Chambord tea-pot is perfection to getting the best & richest cup of tea, not to mention it’s so adorable, yet boujie in rose gold! A tea lover would truly appreciate its benefits & aesthetic!

Aromatherpy Difuser

Introduce a friend into the world of ultimate serenity vibes with an essential oils aromatherapy diffuser! Add in a few essential oils & this makes for an amazing relaxation package. There’s practically an oil for everything & you can create any ambiance you want in your room or home with a diffuser!

 I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Picks for ‘Her’ list! Hopefully you found something you can gift to that special ‘Her’ in your life from this list, whether its your mom, sister, friend, boo, whatever! What was your favorite item I included? Let me know in the comments or on my social media! Even if its something you decided you want to gift to yourself (you know Im so guilty of shopping for myself while shopping for someone else LOL) Also- who wants to see a Christmas Picks for ‘Him’ next?


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    OMG thank you for letting me know theres such thing as a hydroflask wine tumbler!!! GAME CHANGER!!!

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