Christmas picks for ‘Him’

Christmas picks for ‘Him’

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Last week on GGD, I brought you my Christmas picks for Her, so it was only fitting that this week I give you my Christmas picks for Him! Am I the only one who thinks guys are so hard to shop for?! The men in my life always know what they want except when it comes to gifts! All men are different but I gathered up some general picks, regardless of his personal taste, that could make a great gift for any man in your life, whether its your family, boo, or friend! These are some of my favorite items for gift giving to men & some of them will reap benefits to us women too (hehe). The items I picked are a variety of affordable to high end pricer items, depending on what your budget is this Christmas.

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Topman Elton Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is a essential addition to any mans wardrobe, its on trend, & can match with almost anything! You can dress a bomber jacket up or down depending on the rest of the attire, its really just a staple piece in a guy’s wardrobe. Popular bomber colors that are on trend & match almost anything, are olive & black.

Movado Watch

This is a little pricey pick, for the man you value that values his time greatly. Movado is well-known for their luxury & quality accesory pieces. I chose a classic version in Gold because it’s just so f*cking classy & sexy to see a man with a simplistic & expensive time keeper.

Michael Kors Mens Watch

So you still wanna swag the guy of your choice, that values his time, out but not break your bank doing it- So I decided to throw in this Michael Kors mens watch that’s a fraction of the price, if you still want to gift a classy time piece while still staying on budget.

Ultimate Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Is it just me, or are all men really into music & are always playing music everywhere they go? On their phone in bed, while they get their hair cut, while they drive, while they work, at the beach, when they’re playing sports, drinking with friends, the list goes on & on! Gift this dope, compact, portable, bluetooth waterproof speaker to a dude that appreciates his music on the go!

Kiehls Men’s Skincare Set

Am I the only one who buys her mans skin care?! It seems to me most men just don’t really give a sh*t about their skin, so I make it my responsibility to the men I care about. If your man doesn’t care about his skin, honey, he should! Men’s skin is even tougher than women which means at times it can also get rougher, their skin needs all the TLC & maintenance that a woman’s skin needs too! Gift the perfect gift of a starter skincare set from Kiehls. My dad & my man, love these Kiehls men’s products! They’re great quality & so affordable, especially with this holiday set.

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Joggers

Who doesn’t love seeing their man or MCM in a good pair of grey joggers/sweats *drools* (Don’t act like I’m the only one). Gift a casual but essential mens fashion piece with this pair from Polo Ralph Lauren. Trendy, affordable, & quality, oh & drool worthy!

Chanel Bleu Cologne

One of my favorite men’s fragrance to gift, the ever so signature mens Chanel scent. Its a sexy, classy, clean, ‘I mean business‘ scent. This cologne is memorable & long wearing. It speaks for itself as soon as you smell it. You can not go wrong with this gift!

Arcona Reozone Sunscreen

Again, another skin care item men are notorious for not caring about- SPF! Are we all aware that the NUMBER ONE agent to premature aging is SUN EXPOSURE! It’s so damaging to any skin, man or woman, of any skin type. This is extra important to me when it comes to my man because he works construction, building roof’s all day, which means the sun is literally his worse enemy. To prevent skin cancer & premature aging, I always keep him strapped with this amazing sunscreen by Arcona. Not only is it SPF 40 but it contains the best & key sunscreen ingredients- titanium dioxide & zinc!

MCM Logo Mens Wallet

The perfect gift to a man you value, that values his money. Set him up with this fashionable but still affordable high end wallet. MCM is known for their quality leather products & signature logo.

Dior Sauvage Cologne

Another bomb af cologne I’ve gifted to man man that smells so sexy & just flat out amazing. It’s one of the longest wearing men’s fragrance that has a smoldering, sexy, & sophisticated scent to it. You can not go wrong with this gift either!

Gucci Slides

For the boujie man in your life that likes to step out in style, literally. Gift these signature g]Gucci slides to the dude in your life that likes his casual wear, luxury.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Picks for Him! The holiday is right around the corner, don’t sleep on these dope mens gift that are guaranteed to put a smile on that special mans face. Let me know if you choose to gift any of my picks or even what you own mens pick of choice is!

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