Best of Beauty 2017

Best of Beauty 2017

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We’re finally hitting peak holiday season, Christmas is right around the corner, with the new year to follow. In just a few short days we all will be stepping into 2018 & kissing 2017 goodbye, which will be a quick peck from me! (because f*ck 2017! Anyone relate?! Lol) Does anyone else like to recap different segments of the year when its concluding? I love looking back on the best parts of the year! I thought what better way to recap with a best of beauty in 2017! Not all of these products were created & launched in 2017, they were just highly favored & used by myself throughout the year of 2017. There we’re lots of misses for me, but lots of hits from the beauty world this year in my makeup wardrobe, I could name different products for days & you know I love sharing, so I narrowed down my top 10 best of beauty 2017 list for you!

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Real Techniques Sponge

If you want a flawless finish that a Beauty Blender can give you, but at half the cost, this is the sponge to stock up on! Incredibly soft & bouncy, it mimics the hyped Beauty Blender, just in a slightly different shape. I swear my this sponge & use it on all my makeup gigs, they retail for about $10, half the price of a Beauty Blender ($20). If you take good care of this sponge, it can last you quite some time. If you mistreat it, it will last half the time of an average Beauty Blender- so be good to it!

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Best spot AND deep cleaning brush cleaner, I’ve EVER used! Big ups to LBL for putting me on to this amazing brush cleaner. It’s God sent for spot cleaning when you’re in a rush, I love this for makeup gigs when I need to switch & dip back & forth into different shadow colors but with the same brush! They retail various sizes at different cost, but the best part of this cleaner is that a little bit goes the longest way! Worth every penny, this item & I will never part.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Powder

My favorite setting powder next to Charlotte Tilbury’s AFF Powder (The best high-end setting powder) but this powder is so affordable & just as amazing! One half of the powder is your standard shaded powder & the other half is a shaded powder with a shimmer & glow to it. Mixed together, it gives you a beautiful but mattified glow! My skin just looks so smooth & poreless when I use this powder.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood liquid Lipstick in ‘Best Actress’

My favorite liquid lipstick at the moment, there’s a 99% chance if you run into me with my mug fully beat- this lipstick formula & color will be adorned on my lips. If you know me, you know I am a true nude fanatic! I can’t help it, it’s my color comfort zone, & who doesn’t love a little nudes right? (*wink, wink*) Seriously the best lipstick combo paired with my die-hard favorite lip liner, Strip Down from MAC. That’s the combo I’ve been sporting everyday with any look! This formula of liquid lipstick is so different from others on the market. Unlike other brands with a very then formula that dries your lips out like raisins, this formula has more of a velvety/mousse feel to it. It’s so extremely comfortable, containing bee’s wax that actually smoothes out fine lines & plumps the lips. There’s another added bonus ingredient too- Sea lavender, it’s anti aging for the lips. Are you running to buy one yet? Yeah, you should be (LOL).

Lancome Highlighter in ‘Sparkling Peche’

My tried & true highlight of 2017. While I am known to layer my highlights (why wear one when you could wear multiple??) if I were told I could only wear one highlighter the rest of my life- this would undoubtedly be it. It’s amazing layered & paired with other highlights, but is true so beautiful & outstanding on its own! It’s extremely creamy, highly pigmented, & so smooth on application.

Dermablend Translucent Powder

The only translucent powder I use on my face. Laura Mercier? Sorry not sorry, bye girl! Dermablend translucent is the sh*t! It’s so fine & silky, it leaves your under eye set, creaseless & so smooth. It’s also for face baking. This powder is highly under rated & so affordable in the world of  powder makeup!

Odacite Serums

I swear by this skin care line, it’s all natural, & the benefits are not only amazing but un-ending. These super concentrated serums are amazing alone or awesome dropped into moisturizer, eye cream, night cream, serums, or even foundation. My favorite Serums by the brand I use on the daily are ‘Oily/acne prone’ as well as the ‘eye contour’ oil.

Arcona Tabula Rasa

The best acne fighting pads of all time. No arguments or questions about it. When my face was breaking out uncontrollably for a month after a reaction to a certain foundation, this product paired with a few other Arcona products, cleared up my skin within a week’s time! It’s packed with lots of salicylic acid & other bomb benefits that targets live bacteria & acne, killing it, & dries it out to no longer exist. I highly recommend this product to anyone battling acne & breakouts.

Dry Bar Dry Shampoo

I’ve been using this dry shampoo all year-long, the scent is to die for, & it absorbs sheen & oil on the hair amazingly. I will say though, if you have darker hair, you need to give your hair a good toss upside down or shake, to get rid of any white powdery residue that might remain on the hair if you spray a little too much into the roots. This is the bomb for 2-4 day old hair that needs a little refreshment to look, feel, & smell brand new.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

This mascara had me shook, I’ve been sleeping on the Clinique beauty products (I love the skin care & makeup removing products). If you know me, I love a good dramatic strip lash but I actually have pretty long natural lashes (Thank you Italian hair genes) so when I do wear mascara, I look & try the best of the best to get my natural lashes looking false eyelash potential. This year I discovered High Impact & I was shook to the core, not only does it give incredible length to my lashes, but volume as well. Easily up there in my favorites next to DiorShow Mascara. The gag is, High Impact retails for only $18!! You’re welcome.

I hope you enjoyed my short but sweet Best of Beauty in 2017 list. These were my top 10 that came to mind that I’ve been loving & using religiously throughout the year of 2017. What were your favorite beauty items of 2017? Let me know in the comments below or via social media, I’m always on the hunt for new die-hard beauty finds!

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  1. Makeupnomics
    December 26, 2017 / 5:10 am

    L’Oreal infallible pro glow is one of my favs too! Great list and happy holidays to you💚

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