Glow Getter’s Guide to 2018

Glow Getter’s Guide to 2018


Oh hey 2018, so nice you’ve finally arrived! Whose hyped about this year?! If you’ve been keeping up with me through the last 6 months of 2017, you know it just wasn’t my year. It had it’s good times & it’s bad, but over all it was rough. I loved, I lost, I learned, I yearned, I grew, I gained, & now I’m ready! Feel the same about 2017? Retweet it here. I wanted to dedicate today’s blog post New Year of 2018. I already shared this with my Glow Gang (My dope group of girl bosses dedicated to slaying their goals, lifestyle, health, & life in general- Join us!)

This is my Glow Getters Guide to 2018! Although we’re into the first week of 2018, don’t feel like because you didn’t start implementing what you want to change on the 1st day, that you can’t still do it. You can. It’s never too late to better yourself & change your life! I want to help you slay your goals, live your best year with no regrets, & continuously encourage you to create a life that you are deeply in love with. I can honestly say, this year, I really want to create a me (inside & out) that I am in love with, as well as a life that I am deeply passionate about & in love with. It’s going to take a lot of hard work but the new year is a perfect time to lay down to foundation to build. & Building is key, we’re most definitely building this year.


Are you ready to crush the f*ck out of your goals this year of 2018?! *raises hand* I want to make this not only one of my most successful but productive years ever & I guess those two go hand in hand quite perfectly. I feel like NYE resolutions are usually a mixture if bad habits or things were trying to kick & goals were trying to totally kill. One of my favorite quotes in relation to this is by Tony Robbins, often “We over estimate what we can do in 5-10 years & under estimate what we can accomplish in one year”. Talk about f*cking relatable! So how do we go from over estimating to hitting our goals & time frame smack dab on the head? We systemize & strategizeduh! We ask ourself various thought & hunger provoking questions to dig deep into what is driving us to accomplish our goals & what our fulfillment is when we do. So..Shall we?

  1. What are the 3 top goals you want to accomplish in 2018?
  2. Can each goal be accomplished in a 4 mo. time period? (if so, write down a 4 month to 4 month time frame for each goal to be accomplished in that time period. If the goal is more time consuming, narrow & pencil in the goals that take less time into the time table)
  3. Name one person you can count on to check in every other month throughout the year to hold you accountable on your goal status & completion (pick someone who will tell you the truth, even when it hurts, & motivate you when you sell yourself short):
  4. What are the first 3 steps to accomplishing each goal, list them:
  5. Why do you want to accomplish this goal? What makes you passionate about achieving it?
  6. How will you feel when you accomplish each goal? How will it change your life when you do?
Why is it that with every year that passes, I feel like time is flying by faster & faster?! Is God like, ‘Lets kick it up a notch, high speed mode on her ass!’ Life is just so quick & so short, these days. The older I get, the more I feel time slipping through my fingers. It’s scary, but in a motivating way. The ‘all we have is NOW‘ way- because it’s true. All we do have & will ever have, is now. That’s why we call the present a gift, because it truly is. As human nature, we’re continuously looking to the future for the ‘next best thing or event’, not realizing that were not living in & enjoying the moment, we’re just always in a rush for the next step, the next best thing.
If you have the same goal of many as me, to really live the best version of your life as the best version of yourself this year, its going to take a lot of internal work that you will reap the benefits from first hand internally but will also benefit you & your life outwardly. The first step to really living a life filled to the fullest with no regrets, just lessons, experiences, happiness, & love- is envisioning that life, before you’ve even lived it. Yes, envision is a huge word for us this year at GGD. Vision is everything when it comes to plotting & designing a future you’ve dreamed of. Here’s how we’re going to design & vision the future of our dreams:
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.32.47 AM
Take out a notebook & pen or if you prefer to type, pull up the notes on your iPhone but make sure to turn your phone on airplane mode. We can’t have ANY distractions for this exercise. Next, find a copy spot by yourself, where you an get comfortable close your eyes, & really have the safe & quiet space to create a vibe & vision. Next, write/answer this prompts on your note pad. There is no limit or minimum for length in writing of this, honestly, the longer the better. The more detailed, the greater! Get where I’m going with this? We need ALL the juicy details, every last, & little one of them. Thats how we’re going to manifestthe life in detail of your dreams.
Start off with a day in the life of your dreams (not just of this year but of your MAJOR dreams) write down your routine from the moment you wake until the pillow hits your head again. Where are you waking up? What are you wearing? Whats your morning routine? What do you wear when you get dressed? How does your hair look? How do you feel? Where is your house, home? What does it look like, exterior, interior? Are you off to work, where do you work? If you’re off to work, what car do you drive? Whats your office space or business look like? 
You get where I’m going here, I want a detailed short or long novel of a day in the life of your dreams, from how you feel, to what you wore, even what you ate, & who you saw. The more deets the better, I want you to really put yourself in that moment in time! When you’re done, ask yourself how you feel. Re-read what you wrote, & make a commitment to yourself, the even if you can’t create this ‘day’ in your life this year, that every day this year you will take baby steps toward making it a reality. Date it, sign it. Continuously look back at it, every day if you can, or every week or month to keep the vision alive inside of your heart & mind.
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