Annual Babe-Prenuer Dinner

Annual Babe-Prenuer Dinner

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What’s a “babe-prenuer dinner“? If you haven’t checked out my blog post from my last dinner with these amazing women, read up on it here! It was that time of the year again to get together for our annual babe-prenuer dinner where we discuss our goals, trials, set backs, success, advice, & so much more over fine dinning! Our babe-prenuer group is filled with like-minded, passionate, talented, & one of a kind women entrepreneurs who are branding themselves while building a business & empire in their various industry.


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Our group is super exclusive & as cliquish as that sounds, it’s totally not. This dinner was extra exciting because we expanded our group with an additional amazing woman! It’s an invite only thing & there are reasons why. Here’s the biggest rule: All though there are so many amazing women & entrepreneurs doing the damn thing, we decided on allowing one woman from each field (ex: makeup, hair, lashes, micro-bladist, waxing, etc) to ensure a non competitive, trusting, & equally supporting group culture! Our goal is to keep expanding our babe tribe over time with like-minded women in pursuit of their dreams & supporting other women on the same mission. I highly encourage anyone, entrepreneur or not, to find your own tribe of like-minded & passionate people to network with!

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The first babe-prenuer dinner of 2018 was held at Herringbone, in Waikiki, they’re known for their sea food cuisine! Upon arriving, Keala & Haelee, the group creators, had the cutest customized gifts for us! We were each given the sweetest golden glitter & black bowed “self love” boxes that contained a bath bomb from Lush, a mini glitter coated champagne bottle, & pepper spray! In addition to that we also received wine glasses that were customized to say “Babe-prenuer” in a beautiful gold script. We’re so spoiled right!? We ordered our various seafood entre’s, which were so delicious, & began digging into the topics that were relevant to us all in our businesses. From how to handle competitors speaking ill of your business, to friends in the same industry competing with you, to having to let go employees, & so much more. It’s crazy how much entrepreneurs face! There’s literally no one there to hold your hand, guide you, or to do the dirty work for you- it’s all on you.

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After dinner we ordered desert & that’s where things got really juicy– we indulged in the sweetness while talking about our upcoming goals, one by one, so we could continue to hold each other accountable in the future. As much as it scared me to speak my goal into existence & to be held accountable for it in the future- I knew I had to say it aloud to make it real & to make it “official“. It was such a relief to get it off my chest & hear the opinions, advice, & support of the other women. They truly make me feel so accomplished, powerful, motivated, influential, & capable of anything. For that, I am so grateful to have them & be apart of something so special. It was so inspiring to hear what the other women’s goals are & I can’t wait to help support & encourage them along the way in any way that I can.

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If you’re interested in knowing these incredible women & seeing the quality & passion in their services for yourself, you can find them all & their businesses here:

Kayla Andes: Makeup & Hair Services + Social Media Influencer

Haelee TallettJewelry Line Creator

Keala Sonnenberg: Lash Tech Services

Landace McBrayer: Waxing & Esthetician Services

Bree Pu’uwai & Shaunalei Barbasa: Laser Hair Removal Services

Amanda Norstrand: Eyebrow Microblading + Beauty Services


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