April beauty favorites

April beauty favorites

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I’ve been trying out so many beauty products lately that have turned out to be a huge hit & some of my new staple glam routine products, so I just had to share! These are the 6 items I’ve been loving & using religiously throughout the entire month of April! It was my first time trying Marc Jacobs, actually loving a cream highlight, & I found the eyeliner of my dreams! All the 411 on the products & why I love them is below!

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Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Primer

I’m so picky when it comes to primers! Honestly, I’ve only used & loved about 3 primers in my entire life that I loved enough to be ride or die, & this is the newest of the 3! My friend, Adrian, was sweet enough to gift me this primer, I’ve been using it religiously & loving it since! It claims to be a hydrating primer containing coconut water, though for my oily-combo skin, it holds my make up well throughout a 10hr+ day & gives me a natural dewy complexion by the end of it. I really enjoy the pore & line filling aspects & benefits of this primer besides its hydration properties. I would definitely recommend this primer to anyone itching or searching for a new go to primer to try!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Amrezy’ Highlight

I don’t have to say much about this highlight, it speaks for itself not only in packaging & presentation, but in pigmentation too. It’s the most beautiful pigmented gold-champagne highlight, suitable for almost every single skin tone (deeper darker skin tones may find this wearing ashy). The Amrezy x ABH collab reminds me a lot of their original ‘So hollywood’ Highlighter which was also one of my favorites when it launched. I would highly recommend this beautiful pigmented highlight, especially for the price at $28, the quality is extremely affordable!


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Marc Jacobs Dew Drops in ‘Dew You?’

Never have I ever liked a cream highlighter ever, until this product! It’s got the most beautiful gold glow to it! It’s the most insanely pigmented cream highlighter & mixing medium. You could literally use this as a glow booster over a primer before foundation, as a mixing medium to give a foundation more of a luminous & dewy finish, or as a topper cream highlight over foundation. A little of this product goes such a long way & it would also look so gorgeous on the chest, collar bones, & shoulders for an all over upper body glow. A bottle of this could easily last you almost an entire year by using it the right way. I love to use this cream highlight under the powder Amrezy highlighter.

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MAC Prep & Prime Fix + in ‘Gold Lite’

I like the regular MAC fix +, but I was never in love with it, until the coconut scent dropped on the market- which Thank God is now permanent! But aside from that, this is the new primer & fix + that I love! It’s packed with golden pigment that makes you look so glowy, not oily, or too dewy like regular fix +. It leaves your skin with the most subtle soft golden glow, I’m just obsessed! It’s so beautiful to spray on the body for a golden glow all over, whether on the beach, going out, going to a festival, or anything in-between! I highly recommend this new setting spray for all my golden Glow Getters! They also launched a rose gold pink lite version, but personally…the gold lite is where its at! *bling bling* Yeah, that’s the glow Gods calling!

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Nars Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner in ‘Via Veneto’

Wow, game changing. Honestly, truly. This product easily became a staple in my holy grail products list. Why have I waited soon long to try this incredible eyeliner?! I can’t even tell you how long of a hunt its been, searching for an amazing black incredibly wearing & NON-transfering eyeliner for the TOP tight line, water line. This is literally the only eye liner out of all the eye liners on the market that I’ve tried (which is way too many) that actually stays put in my upper waterline of my eyes, with zero transferring what so ever! If you know me, you know I never put any eye liner in my bottom water line or lash line, I feel it closes my eyes more in appearance, but I always have to tight line my top waterline to conceal my false lashes & real lash separation. This formula is nothing less than perfect & I would recommend it to anyone as an eyeliner for any purpose!

Dior Forever Undercover 24hr Foundation

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Bury me in this foundation. No, literally, it’s that amazing. If you’re like me & loved the original Forever foundation formula (which Dior still carries) you will die & go to heaven when you try this foundation! I’ve never worn a foundation that made my skin look so freaking flawless, smooth, & matte. This is a demi-matte formula foundation that ensures 24hr wear, I’ve tested this foundation on my extremely long days- 12-14hr+ days, & it wears so beautifully until the end! I highly recommend for any matte fanatics like myself or an oily-combination skin type! It would look gorgeous on dry skin as well if primed with the right hydration products. This foundation is on the pricer side at $52, but it’s worth every penny! It’s an oil-free & water based foundation, which means it’s super light weight on the skin, leaving you feeling as if nothing is on. Not to mention it’s 10x more packed with pigment than their regular foundations so less is way more!

I hope you loved hearing about my favorite beauty products I’ve discovered & can’t put down this month of April! Should I do a blog post on my favorite skin care & wellness products for the month of April too?! Let me know if you’d like to see that in the comments below or on any of my social medias!

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