Why I love Dry Bar: All The 411

Why I love Dry Bar: All The 411

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Whether your hair obsessed like me, high maintenance about your hair care, don’t know how to style your hair, don’t have the time to style your hair, just too lazy to style your own hair, or just love a good pampering session– you’ll love the Dry Bar! Located in Kaka’ako, Honolulu, Hawaii. Dry Bar doesn’t cut, doesn’t color, they’re strictly the go to spot for a shampoo, condition, blow out & style! They’re well-known for their amazing Dry Bar blow outs & styling techniques priced at an affordable $45. If you haven’t tried Dry bar yet or are debating on getting your first blow out & style from them, I’m here to spill all the 411!

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First things first, the whole salon aesthetic & ambiance is insanely cute & classy. White & marble everywhere, with a hint of vintage pieces, & a pop of their signature buttercup yellow, it’s so beautiful & clean inside. Not to mention the entire salon smells the sweet heavenly scent of Dry Bar hair products! Hair menus are scattered at every station, mirrors everywhere to watch them create the perfect blow out & style on you, & complimentary wine or mimosas are offered while you enjoy being pampered! Like sign me the F up, right?! (Which they do have a membership program, BTW!)

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The stylist start you off with a shampoo & condition, they tailor the hair care products they use on you by hair look, texture, & type. They give you the most divine scalp massage while shampooing & conditioning, you’ll literally melt in your seat, & after cleansing they bring you over to the blow out & styling station! They ask you which blow out & style you desire from their styling menu, I always either choose the Dirty Martini or the Mai Tai, sometimes I’ll even do a combo of the two! They stylist are so helpful when it comes to choosing a style, they’ll help you tailor your blow out & style to exactly whatever you’re looking to have or try. They apply whichever Dry Bar hair care products they feel your hair needs & will achieve the desired style you’re lusting after.
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My favorite Dry Bar hair care products I love & request are:
Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant
Pep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler
Southern Belle Volumizing Boosting Root Lifter
Triple Sec 3 in 1 Texture Mist
Money Maker Flexible Hold Hair Spray

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I recently took my mom to Dry Bar this past Mothers day for her first ever Dry Bar experience! It was such a treat to give my mom the opportunity to be pampered by Dry Bar, my mom is still a licenced cosmetologist, who owned her own hair & nail salon, & practiced cosmetology for over 20 years! That being said, when you’re in the beauty industry yourself, you rarely treat yourself to services that you specialize in & can do on your own. My mom said it’s probably been over 25 years since she got her hair blown out & styled for her, but I wasn’t nervous to make sure she was impressed, because I know Dry Bar would be a perfect service & experience! Which, it totally was, my mom was so happy & pleased with her blow out & style! She definitely want’s to go back with me & she said next time would be her treat. It was nothing short of perfect spending time & treating my mom, sipping on mimosas, while Breakfast at Tiffany’s played on their big screen! I highly recommend Dry Bar on your own, with a friend, family member, anyone! It’s the perfect social pamper experience.

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