Whats in my purse, everyday essentials

Whats in my purse, everyday essentials

These are my must have, purse essentials, for everyday use! Besides the obvious items like my wallet, keys, mirror, & phone charger, here’s what I keep in my clutch purse on the regular! I try to be a minimalist when it comes to what I carry, but there’s just somethings a girl need’s more than one of, on hand. I can’t be the only one to downsize a a purse size & still not be able to find anything right? LOL.

MAC’s ‘Strip Down’ Lip Liner

My go to lip liner, ever since ever! 9/10 times you can catch me wearing this liner on the daily, regardless of what lipstick color I apply on top. I run these pencils down to the brimmy brim! Literally until only a little stub is left. Its that good. I’m just obsessed with this liner shade, at one point I had five of all different sizes in one bag. Talk about addicted! At one point I was hearing rumors from my MAC friends that MAC was going to discontinue the liner shade, immediately I hopped on twitter to vent my disgust with them, & to my surprise they replied back saying not to fret & it was here to stay, LOL. Yeah, that’s what I thought MAC. Needless to say, bury me in strip down. Okkurrr?

MAC’s ‘Honey Love’ Lipstick

My go to every day nude combo consists of strip down lip liner & honey love matte lipstick applied in the inner portion of my lips to create the perfect nude ombre shade. Honey love is just that perfect subtle pink tone nude that looks great over almost any lip liner! I don’t wear honey love alone, it’s strictly with strip down!

MAC’s ‘Yash’ Lipstick

The newest matte nudey color I’ve integrated into my everyday go to lip shade routine (shocker), it’s a little more pink and pigmented than honey love so it gives me an even pinker creamy nude shade applied on strip down! What I love about this color is I could wear it alone if I wanted to, but it also will look great over any type of nude or pink liner!

Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Very Victoria’ Lipstick

The last of my go to nudes! Very Victoria, it’s literally strip down in lipstick form to me. I can wear this alone or over strip down, it’s a brownish-mauve toned nude shade. MAC’s matte lipsticks can be pretty drying formula wise, not going to lie! But Charlotte Tilbury’s matte revolution formula is really one of the best matte formulas I’ve ever tried! It’s so creamy & luxurious feeling, which makes it every penny at the price of $34. But every girl deserves some luxury in her life, especially on the lips!

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There’s nothing worse than having an acai smoothie & having specks saved for later helplessly between your teeth, am I right? *cringes* I’ve always got floss on deck, the mouth is just such a focal point in day-to-day social interaction that I’m not trying to converse with crap stuck in my teeth! Talk about a in one ear out the other distracting convo, plus there’s nothing more embarrassing than someone telling you, you have smoothie bits in your teeth! I keep the pearly whites clean at all costs.

Pepper Spray

A girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do, you know? Sometimes that means not just being totally kick ass but actually kicking ass too, if need be! In this day & age, the crazy world we’re living in, you can never be a thing called too safe. I’d rather have something on me that I feel protected with but not intimidated by, like a gun or knife. Pepper spray is easy to use & can even save lives in unexpected situations. I advise if not everyone, that all women carry some form of protection or peppery spray on them, at all times.

Business cards

You just never know when the topic of business is going to come up and pertaining to your industry, talents, or services. I always keep business cards on hand in case I run into potential clients so that I’m able to leave them with some form of professional contact & remembrance! It’s always cute to leave a business card or two some where randomly for a strange to discover & check out my website & services.

Perfume Atomizer

I have to stay fresh, always. I really think there’s nothing worse than bad B.O or a bad signature scent. My perfume scent in my travel size YSL atomizer is always changing with my mood or season, but as of lately I’ve been sporting Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey. It’s SO good, it’s no wonder it’s one of their best-selling scents. It’s fruity, fresh, & clean. It’s the perfect spring or summer fragrance!

Beats by Dre

The day is ruined when you forget your earphones, or am I being dramatic? These babies get me through the day! I listen to music on the way to work, on my work breaks, & any time I want to jam out discreetly. There’s nothing like slipping head phones on, getting lost in the music, & drifting away to a different world. That’s what I love about music, it can make you feel or take you somewhere else! The right pair of earphones definitely help do the job. Plus, there’s sometimes I just don’t feel like being sociable & nothing says “F*ck off” in public settings better than a set of earphones.

Ipad mini

A must, especially for GGD. Carrying my iPad around is like having a mini lap top, way less than half the weight of my Macbook, slim, sleek, & so easily accessible anywhere without looking super obnoxious. I can do work on GGD, surf social media or the web, while getting my nails done, at work, in bed, etc, etc. I love carrying it around to listen to music & save my iPhone battery, read Ebooks, watch YouTube or Netflix. Apple just made it so damn handy dandy.

Liquid IV

I mean it’s top 5 worse ever to feel dehydrated af throughout the day & having to drown yourself in 8, 8-ounce, servings of water a day. Then cue trips to the bathroom to pee, every other ten minutes. It’s so essential to do,  drinking 8 servings of water, but most of us don’t & it’s understandable. It’s funny how we get so busy, we don’t even have time to drink enough water throughout the day! Here’s how I make it more of a priority to get the daily hydration I need without over doing the trips to the ladies room: Liquid IV! Oh, & a huge bonus: It’ll save you from hangovers too! Liquid IV will save your life & hydrate you as if you drank 3 servings of water in 1! It’s packed with an amazing amount of electrolytes, 110% vitamin B6 & B12, & is easily taken with a 12oz serving of water. It’s a bomb way to not be hungover after a night of drinking or partying in the desert at EDC or Coachella! I came across this find from The Skinny Confidential, & used her discount code on the product (SKINNY20Girl bosses supporting other girl bosses, duh!) I ordered the lemon lime flavor & It legit tastes like lemonade & hydrates me throughout the day when I don’t have enough time to drink the exact literal servings of H2o I need!

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