Favorite Drug Store Makeup: The Master List

Favorite Drug Store Makeup: The Master List

YES, The awaited drug store favorites is finally here! Lots of content on this one & I’m thinking if making it a drug store master list & adding on to it as time goes by, when new products come out, & I fall in love with new drug store products! There are just too many underrated drug store brands to list at one time! After all, if you did’t know, a lot of the popular drug store name brands own various of the high end luxury makeup brands. For example, L’Oreal actually owns Maybelline, Gorgio Armani, Lancome, YSL, & so many more! This post is filled with long time favorites & new favorites as of lately. This will be a never ending source for quality makeup on a budget that looks & feels high end! So let’s dig in to the deets below.


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Maybelline Super Stay Foundation

I love this foundation, I’ve been trying it out the past few days & I’m so impressed. Hands down, one of best drug store foundations I’ve tried to date! I love it even more than my tried & true L’Oreal Pro Matte Foundation, this Super Stay Foundation has a comparable wear to my luxury holy grail Dior Undercover Forever Foundation. I’m really impressed with the longevity of this foundation, it really gives a all day wear with minimal touch up needed! It’s full coverage off the first pump, so you really don’t end up using a lot of this foundation but it is very buildable. I really do think it gives such a smooth flawless skin appearance! I’ve also been setting this foundation with the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin powder & it looks so good. It’s great for setting & touch up! But I’ll get to that  down below!

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Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Powder

Such a good pressed face powder! I’ve also been trying this out with a new foundation, the Maybelline Super Stay Foundation. It’s medium to full coverage and smoothly pigmented. I love setting the Maybelline Super Stay Foundation set with is compact powder. It gives me such a silky-smooth skin appearance! It keeps me very matte throughout the day, which I love! & It’s great for touching up through out the day & makes your foundation look brand new. I just wish the whole compact was powder for the price because I never use sponges to touch up with powder, I always use a brush! So if you like to touch up powder with a sponge, this will be the perfect choice for you.

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L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation

My tried & true drug store foundation. It’s crazy that some of my fellow coworkers in make up notice when I wear this particular foundation & always say they think it makes my skin look the best! & I’m mind boggled for the price! It’s less than half a luxury priced foundation would be at $12.99 & is compare able to high-end foundations if not better. It’s matte, full coverage, buildable, long wearing, & so affordable! I always compare this foundation to the Dior Forever (The original) Foundation, they have very similar wear.

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L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Powder

Another one of my go to drug store face powder’s, I love that this is a duo powder with a normal shaded pressed compact on one end but the second side is a shimmery lighter pressed powder, the two together give you a healthy glow & smooth skin complexion! It’s also great for a quick refresh & touch up through out the day, I just love how this powder keeps me matte but still gives a subtle luminosity to the skin. I rarely use this powder to touch up, I use it more for setting my foundation. I love using this powder to set the L’Oreal Pro Matte Foundation!

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Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder

I love this powder because it gives such a smooth & silky skin appearance with great full coverage! I actually like that it’s loose, I usually use pressed faced powders & only translucent in loose! BUT– this powder is a huge exception, it’s amazing all over to set foundation but also to set the under eye with after concealing! It gives thee most creaseless set ever! I was shook at the quality of this powder for its price. It’s a must have! I use a shade 10 for my under eye & 20 for full face.

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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

My tried & true drug store concealer! I always say the is pretty comparable to the NARS radiant creamy concealer, just a bit creamier, which I love about it! I do think they need to expand the shade range on this concealer line because there’s really not enough colors to cover all skin tones, there’s originally 6 shades which they expanded to 9 shades, but I still think that’s not enough?! There’s just soo many different beautiful fair to deep dark complexions & undertones to accommodate them all in just 9 shades. But I don’t have an issue personally because I am able to find a few colors suitable for myself. It’s definitely a full coverage & buildable concealer. It gives a luminous finish at first which is so pretty, but I always set it with translucent powder to prevent creasing throughout the day! I have the whole shade range of these concealers in my freelance makeup kit & always use them on clients.

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Wet N’ Wild Contouring Palette

I love this affordable contour set, the banana shade is so pigmented & sets the under eye nicely. The bronzer is on the warmer side, which I love! & it’s also extremely pigmented so little product is necessary when applying. It’s hard for me to find banana shades that I like that doesn’t cost a fortune & aren’t sold only in face palettes with bronzer shades I won’t use- the struggle of not liking cool tone, right? So this is a perfect deep warm bronzer that would fit a variety of complexions.

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NYX Born To Glow Highlight

Glow for days! Easily one of the few drug store highlighters that are high-end pigment quality! My favorite shade out of them all is, “Chosen one” a beautiful true gold high light. Such a beautiful buildable highlighter that doesn’t apply chalky or accentuate skin texture. These are so highly pigmented on their own, with a buttery like swatch consistency, but even more pigmented & beautiful with a little bit of setting spray! I find the pigment quality of these very comparable to my high end favorite highlight by Lancome. They’re most definitely worth every penny.

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Airspun Loose Face Powder

One of the few loose & translucent powders in the drug store I’ve been willing to invest in & try after hearing claims about it. I don’t use this on myself anymore but I always use it on my clients & keep it in my freelance makeup kit. I like that it doesn’t give you an ashy or white cakey finish, it has a soft egg-shell tone to it but applies translucent on the face & dusts away beautifully. It’s great on the under eye area & full face, this product will literally last you forever, there’s so much powder inside one jar! Disclaimer though: It smells like a vintage grandma! but besides the overly old school powdery scent, it’s a great affordable drug store loose powder that sets makeup wonderfully.

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Milani Color Statement Lipliner

One of my few favorite lip liners in the drug store, its so underrated! The formula is everything! I just love how pigmented & creamy these liners are. My favorite of the colors are, ‘Nude’, ‘All natural’, & ‘Spice’. They’re pencil liners but don’t have a rough pencil type application on the lips like a lot of liners do, they really glide on like a dream. They dont give weird build up or texture under lipstick & are creamy enough to wear even without lipstick.

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

The perfect demi matte long wear liquid lip, with the most beautiful color range! It’s one of the few matte liquid lipsticks in the drug store that doesn’t turn your lips into raisins & dry them out! It also has a perfect touch up formula & doesn’t build up texture when you reapply. They’re buildable & pigmented, but for longevity & minimal touch up, I still pair these lippies with a liner that matches. Highly recommend for any one looking to expand their liquid lipstick collection without breaking the bank!

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Maybelline Curvitude Eyeliner

One of the best liquid liners in the drug store, without a doubt. I love that the applicator point is angled so it allows you to get a precise eye liner from any angle, especially a wing liner! Another feature I love about this liquid eye liner is that it’s got a felt tip applicator which makes it an easy precision application whether you do a straight across or a winged liner. I personally prefer felt tip over a liquid brush tip applicator, & best of all, It dries down to a perfect matte black!

I hope you enjoyed the first batch of content on my drug store favorites ‘master list’. I’m excited to add to this blog post over time & continuously share my new finds & favorites with you. I’m always looking for new bomb affordable products to try! What are you favorite drug store products that I didn’t mention?! Let me know in the comments or on my social media!

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