Girl Boss Interview: Haelee Tallett, Creator of Ocean Creations

Girl Boss Interview: Haelee Tallett, Creator of Ocean Creations

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This Girl Boss is the definition of a triple threat (literally), she’s got beauty, brains, & a black belt in Tae Kwan Do to back it! She is truly one of the most disciplined, ambitious, hardworking, humble, sweet, & beautiful, hustler’s around! Not only is she a bonified babe but a self-made business owner, with her popular & well-known pieces from her hand-made jewelry collections, Ocean Creations & OC by Hael. It’s a great pleasure of mine to be able to share with you, Haelee Tallett’s story as an entrepreneur, all the advice, & knowledge she has to give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create a successful self-made business.

What inspired Ocean Creations and OC by Hael? How would you describe the difference between the two brands?

Ocean Creations originally started off as a hobby while I was in high school. At the time I would describe myself as a typical beach girl who loved being outdoors and going on adventures. As my hobby turned into a business, Ocean Creations turned into a reflection of myself at the time. The jewelry featured is often described as fun and creative with the love of Hawaii and the ocean as the main theme.

OC by hael was created during my time in college. During my college years, I spent a lot of time traveling and immersing myself in new and different cultures. I changed as a person over those years and my likes and interests changed as well. I started being more interested in fashion and enjoyed pre-planning looks and matching my jewelry with outfits. OC by hael is a reflection of the women I am becoming and Ocean Creations is a remembrance of my past. Both companies are a part of me, just different versions.

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What has your entrepreneur journey been like? How did you learn to make jewelry?

In high school jewelry making was a way for me and my mom to bond and spend time together. I feel high school is often a hard time for parents and children to connect. I was gaining a lot of independence and starting to spread my wings while she still viewed me as her baby and was still holding on. Jewelry helped us relate to each other and has helped create a really strong bond. Most of the jewelry we made was trial and error which means the process did take a very long time. Since we were more focused on bonding I was never in a rush to turn it into a business. While I would go to school my classmates and teachers would comment on my jewelry and that eventually turned into sales. During my last year of high school, I would always have jewelry inventory on hand for people to look through and would always bring jewelry to sleepovers.

How do you stay inspired & what’s currently inspiring you?  

Staying inspired is something that I often struggle with. As an accounting major, I have a very logical personality. For example, I like doing certain things guaranteeing a specific outcome. Inspiration does not work that way. I have found that traveling often and paying attention to the people I surround myself with are key when it comes to my inspiration. I cut off negative relationships that didn’t belong in my life and started to focus on relationships that helped me grow as a person and kept me inspired. Upon realizing this I co-founded an entrepreneurs club, where like-minded boss ladies can talk about visions, ideas, growth, and self-success. As well as, graduated from the Hogan Entrepreneur Program which allows students to connect with other entrepreneurs and local CEO’s within the community.

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How did you conquer any fears or doubts when creating your business & brand? 

It’s always hard putting yourself out there but something that always helps me is thinking about my future self within five years, ten years etc. I have goals that I want to reach and high expectations for myself. Whenever I have self-doubts or insecurities I think of my long-term goals and tell myself that if I don’t do these little steps I’ll never make it. I also often remind myself that perfection does not exist and that’s okay. Everyone is human and often times I am my biggest self-critic.

What is the most difficult aspect for you about being a small business owner and how do you overcome that obstacle?

I feel like that most difficult aspect of being a business owner is always changing. Sometimes it can be economics, trends, technology, marketing, personal reasons etc. Currently, as a full-time student who is also employed with other jobs and enjoys traveling, it is hard to multitask everything. It takes a lot of practice saying NO to other people so I can focus on what I really want to do. There is currently a constant struggle of prioritizing what’s most important. Is it school? Is it my business? Is it self-care (working out, meditating, God) Is it a future as a CPA? Is it a future as a business owner?

I overcome this by dropping other people’s expectations of me and realizing that I can only do so much. As much as I try I can’t make everyone in the world happy and that’s okay. I am not for everyone. Similarly, to cutting people out of my life I am starting to cut off making commitments to people that I am not passionate about so I can really focus on being a full-time business owner.

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What’s your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

I love that every day is different and I never get bored with my job. Day’s range from communicating with customers, marketing, photo shoots, production, packaging, accounting, design, invoicing, and the list goes on and on. I also learn something new every day and that is something very important to me and adds value to my life. I also have been able to make the most amazing connections with people not only within my community but within the world.

Do you have any motto’s, mantra’s, or rituals that help contribute to your productivity & success? 

I always drink black tea every morning and I LIVE out of my planner. Every day is scheduled by the hour and color coordinated with post its and goals are written out for the day, week, and month. Without my planner, I feel completely lost and would choose it over my phone any day.

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What do you think is essential for building customer loyalty and a successful customer base?

I make sure to treat my customers as I would want to be treated and always try to put myself in their shoes. I am also very understanding to customer’s situations whether it be financials or rushed timelines. I like to work hand in hand with customers and communication is key. Jewelry is a very sentimental purchase often made for special occasions, therefore custom pieces have a lot of story behind them that I can listen to and transform into a piece. In doing so, I have been able to create lifelong friendships and loyal customers.

What’s your advice to aspiring self-made business owners or entrepreneurs?

  • Don’t care what other people think.
  • Talk to the community before “Just Doing It.” Find out what they want, need, like etc. Learn about your dream client.
  • Then Just Do It.
  • Know that 9 times out of 10 you are going to need to change and pivot your original idea and that’s OKAY.
  • Follow your passion and with strategic planning, the $ will follow.

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What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

I am super excited to start featuring my line in some local boutiques within the next few months.  There will be exclusive jewelry pieces only available at certain locations.

Where can we find & connect with you on social media? 

Stay up to date with new pieces, pop-ups, and exclusive pieces on Instagram @OceanCreations and follow my personal life journey @haelhael.

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