September Beauty Favorites

September Beauty Favorites

I’m back with another beauty favorites blog, this time for the month of September! This blog post is filled with a variety of beauty products I’ve discovered, love, & have been using religiously through out this past month! There’s seriously nothing like finding new products to fall in love with, am I right? It’s like starting a new fun & exciting relationship, LOL. Especially since I’m so picky & hard to impress, but these products have easily become my new go-to’s! Do you have any new favorite beauty products you’d think I’d love to try & review? Don’t be shy, leave the product deets & why you love it, in my comment section below on this blog post! Enough chatter, let’s get into the favorites below:

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Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation

I feel as if it’s really a rarity these days, where I’m able to switch up my daily foundation routine & try something new that actually sticks with me & I love, but recently I’ve been getting a lot of hit’s over misses in the new foundations I’ve been trying, the newest being The Flawless Fusion formula by Laura Mercier! Lucky enough for me, my local Laura Mercier representatives were so kind enough to gift me this foundation s well as a few other products to try & enjoy, as a thank you again for collaborating with them during my June 2018 ‘Glow Goals’ Master Class! Since being gifted the Flawless Fusion, I’ve been wearing it religiously & LOVING it! It’s right up my alley in what I look for in foundation: Long wearing, all day matte, full coverage, light weight, pigmented, & can hold up in all day wear! I was so pleasantly surprised by this formula, how little you have to apply, how light weight it feels, & how matte it stays! This is definitely a new go to foundation for me that I’ll re-up in the future & wear on humid or long makeup wearing days! Over all, I’d recommend this foundation for combination to oily skin.

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Foreo Luna Mini 2

My new facial cleansing device that I’m obsessed with & wish I didn’t put off investing in, for so long! I love taking off all my make up with this device after a long day of wearing full glam. Foreo claims that ‘the nonporous brush is bacteria resistant and up to 35 times more hygienic than standard nylon brush heads. It features more than 1,300 touch points to draw out impurities for glowing and radiant skin, and it gently removes dead skin cells and unclogs dirt, oil and makeup residue from your pores to reveal more vibrant, even-toned skin. The longer touch points extend its reach to cleanse hard-to-reach areas, while its thicker silicone body provides greater comfort and performance.  It’s designed with one zone with thinner touch points to gently cleanse sensitive and normal skin; one zone with thicker touch points for precision cleansing; and one zone with broader touch points to address oilier skin.’ Big key point’s for me: How sanitized this product is because of the rubber being bacteria resistant, you save additional money in the long run not having to buy or change our brush heads like a Clarisonic device, it’s a great size & shape for travel purposes, & it comes in my favorite color- light pink! I love double cleansing my makeup off with this device, especially while using my foaming cleanser. The vibration & pulses this tool makes while using, is super relaxing, & gives you confidence that the stubborn, dirt, oil, & makeup is being shaken & pulled up from within the pores of the skin! The vibration also promotes blood circulation in the face as well as facial massage & drainage.

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Clarins Multi Active Eye Cream

An eye cream with a cryo-metallic tip is a game changer, trust me on this. You’ll never be able to use another eye cream again, without one. A cryo-metallic applicator tip means there’s no fridge necessary to keep this cool on the eye when applying. This application tip keeps itself regulated & cool on the eye every tip you apply your Clarins Multi Active eye cream. It’s heavenly in the morning, especially when you feel your eyes are puffier than usual upon waking up. Clarins also claims this applicator tip helps reduce the signs of dark circles! A claim by 88% suryved by users, which is insane. It also produces drainage for the under eye area, which promotes the over all de-puffing. This gives you a de-puffed, hydrated, brighter, under eyes instantly upon application. This has been my go-to eye cream for the past month & a half now, I use it religiously morning & night. Using the cryo-metallic applicator tip form inner under eye to the orbital bone. Never going out to in, only inner to utter. Highly recommend this eye cream to any one looking to spice up their under eye life, with a perfect anti-aging formula & spa like application.

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Shiseido ‘Urban Environment’ Oil-Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 42

Not only does this sunscreen have a SPF  42, is water-resistant up to 40min, but it also has ingredients to control excess sebum (a.k.a oil!). Whether you’re dry, oily, or combination skin, this formula is extremely light weight & absorbs into the skin like air, instantly! This is an amazing facial formula to be used under makeup application because it’s so light weight & airy. This product also claims to prevent oxidization while wearing makeup on top! Although this product is SPF for the face, I keep it in my car to use when I go out without makeup, & especially on my hands & arms while driving because they get the most extreme sun exposure when I drive.

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Dose of Color’s Satin Lipstick in ‘Toast’

You know I’m a nude lippy  girl, all day everyday. My new favorite lipstick that’s made its way into my everyday makeup routine & lip combo. If you really know me, you know it’s a rarity I find lip products that are worth making an everyday staple! Especially because this lipstick isn’t a matte formula, which are usually the finish of all my go-to lipstick shades! This lipstick is a satin, it has a glossy & shine finish, without the commitment of a real gloss. It’s super lightweight, creamy, pigmented, & the perfect shade of nude to top my everyday holy grail lipliner by MAC, ‘strip down’. I highly recommend this shade of nude & definitely a great satin formula on the makeup market.

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Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum

OBSESSED. My go-to fragrance for the past month since my Tom Ford fragrance training was held by their awesome trainer. I got to learn so much about a variety of Tom Ford fragrances, as well as sample them out, but of all that I tried this is the one that stuck with me & grew on me. This literally smells like a beautiful medley of Tuberose & Gardenia, it’s catching but yet soft & extremely sexy smelling, while having a fresh, clean, & classy feel to it as well. Does that make any sense?! You just have to go to your nearest Tom Ford counter & smell this Parfum, if you’re a big fan of clean, floral, & romantic scents, this will be your new favorite. Tom Ford describes this scent as, ‘tuberose petals, black orchid headspace, spider lily accord, vanilla, chestnut cream accord, & patchouli’ YUM. I’m literally addicted to everything about it but the price (Lol). Though, it makes you feel 100x more expensive than it actually is, when you wear it. So Christmas is coming up, & if you don’t know what to get me…this is it!


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