My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

If you didn’t already know, I’m big on podcasts, huge, actually. I’m obsessed! They’ve really changed my life & mentality overtime. Every morning I get ready for work, while I get glam, or even when I’m in the car on the way to work, I listen to a podcast! My favorites I listen to, are nothing short of inspiring, motivating, insanely educating, hilarious, & entertaining to say the least! It only feels fair to share my top favorite podcasts with you since they’re such a huge part of my mornings & over all motivation, almost every single day. Any time I wake up in a funk or a lazy mood, I press play on a podcast & I can instantly recenter & refocus myself after a good listen! I always feel so ready, focused, coached, & driven to conquer my day after listening to an episode from any of these podcasts.

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The GaryVee Audio Experience

To be completely honest, I was not a fan of GaryVee from my first listen of him on an interview on someone else’s podcast. I thought to myself, “this guy is super loud, talks over everyone, & is uncomfortably blunt!” But, I kept an open mind & listened to a few more podcasts of his, & over time, I’ve come to really love Gary & all the wisdom he has to offer! Once you really get to know him, I’ve found that his bluntness is honesty out of love, he’s loud because he’s so passionate & excited about the topics, & he knows what the f*ck he’s talking about! Gary covers everything business, entrepreneurship, the mentality for success, & the work ethic you need to get to the top! Nothing short of a king in the entrepreneur world, everyone from bloggers like The Skinny confidential, life coaches & billionaires like Tony Robbins, to celebrity & rappers like YG, all call Gary a friend & have brought value on Gary’s podcast & have even seemed his advice. If you’re looking to open your mind, swallow some hard truths to break barriers, & grow immensely, I highly recommend his podcast for some straight up advice & motivation! 

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Almost 30 Podcast

How could anyone not love Krista & Lindsey?!  This hilarious & witty duo always make me smile & giggle, they’re beyond down to earth & have you feeling like you’re listening to your long-lost girlfriends! They cover the topics of health, business, spirituality, sexuality, self-development & care, & so much more! They definitely keep it fresh & give a great insight on a variety of topics, while keeping it light, fun, & real. It’s everything you need to know for your almost 30’s & through your 30’s, all the real ish you need & want to know! They give you all the tools you need to propel your personal growth and to navigate any transition in your life.

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Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder

I love Lori Harder’s podcast, it’s truly everything the souls nourishment needs! She has a diverse variety of interviews & focuses on self-care, self-love, & cultivating an authentic lifestyle, especially in your relationships! She’s authentic, funny, sweet, & makes being honest with yourself, life, & others just a little less difficult than it really has to be. She helps you break through your fears, connect to your soul, & elevate all aspects of your life! Oh yeah, & did I mention she’s a 3x world fitness champion, covermodel, author, & a total babe?! 

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‘The Him & Her’ Skinny Confidential Podcast

By Lauryn Evarts Bosstick & Michael Bosstick, this married duo is nothing short of witty,  insanely relatable, charming, hilarious, knowledgeable, & oh so f*cking real! Their podcasts consist of endless tips & tricks, interviews with some of the most successful & accomplished individuals in the entrepreneur/business/health/wellness scene, & just so, so, so, much more. From vagina eggs, to GG crackers, to Botox, & lymphatic drainage, TSC Him & Her cover the need to know topics for beauty health, & wealth! Not only am I a huge fan of her blog but this is by far my favorite podcast to listen to, they give so much valuable information that can be used on a daily basis with incredible wit & originality, completely uncensored!

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The Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins. Thee Tony Robbins, I could really go on & on about how incredibly f*cking amazing this man, his accomplishments, & his mind-set, is. If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, we probably won’t get along very well to be honest. He is the f*cking MAN. One time my dad told me he had the opportunity to hear Tony speak at a business trip seminar & he wasn’t impressed. FYI, I highly considered his owning him right then & there! But to each its own. For me though, it’s like why is Tony Robbin’s not president yet?! That’s the real question. Tony Robbins is one of the worlds most successful business man, owner, best-selling author, life coach, & billionaire (among other amazing accomplishments)! I feel like Tony is my mentor that doesn’t know I exist, but when he speaks, I feel like he’s talking to me. His podcast is amazing because he gives out so much valuable information, knowledge, tools, & stories from experience. His podcast includes interviews from some of the worlds most successful business & entrepreneurial minds. It’s truly incredible the principles & practices that can be learned from Tony, his lifestyle, experiences, his team, & the incredibly successful people he interviews. The themes of his podcast vary from: Business, entrepreneurship, relationships, & so much more.

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The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast

Another man I put in high regard in the same sense as Tony Robbins. Tim Ferris is another one of the worlds most successful entrepreneurial business minded individuals. So incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to entrepreneurship, business, & lifestyle. Tim is so well-known for a wide variety of accomplishments, but some of his stand outs- are his books. Such as, Tribe of Mentors. Tim writes books collecting experiences, stories, & knowledge, through various interviews within his books (& podcasts) that give you the inside peak into the minds, tools, & tactics from the worlds most successful & accomplished individuals in all fields of the world. From the worlds billionaires, to the worlds most well-known relationship counselor, to the militaries most high-ranking generals, to olympic gold medalists & athletes- Tim’s podcast do not disappoint!

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The Joel Osteen Podcast

This podcast will always be special to me because it’s honestly the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. It was shared with me by one of my best friends & that is so precious to me. I was raised as a catholic & went to catholic school from kindergarten to my senior year of high school, although I resonate myself as a strong Christian & with the Christian faith. That being said, with my ever changing hectic schedule, I try my best to make it to actual Church when I can, but when I’m unable to, I almost always am listening to this podcast every Sunday, or any day really, that I feel I need to listen to the Good Word. Joel Osteen has quickly become one of my favorite pastors & ministers of faith. He breaks down Gods scriptures into understandable & extremely relatable circumstances to learn, grow, & apply Gods words to our lives. Not to mention he speaks affirmations of fortune & faith over you like crazy in his messages. That’s a huge YES for me. If you’re looking to find your faith or continuously enrich it, I highly recommend this podcast.

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Style Your Mind Podcast

The ever so amazing Cara Awill Leyba, not only one of my favorite life coaches & bloggers, she’s also one of my favorite Podcasters. If you’ve never heard of Cara, she’s well-known for many things since as her blog, The Champagne Diet, but above them all how I personally discovered her, was through one of her best-selling books called ‘Girl Code‘. Cara has a kick ass bubbly twist on conquering your fears, insecurities, career, relationships, self-love, & so much more on her blog but especially in her podcasts. It really is THE girl boss podcast to listen to whether you need a kick in the ass to get going or just a really good heart to heart pep talk to keep you steered in the right direction. Cara never disappoints with her give no f*cks attitude & sweet genuine charm!

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Goal Digger Podcast

A podcast by Jenna Kutcher, another one of my favorite girl bosses. Jenna is a photographer, blogger, & podcaster to name a few of the bad ass business ventures she owns & runs. On the Gold digger podcast Jenna is dedicated to bringing you useful, insightful, strategic, & original content that’s geared for entrepreneurs of all sorts, but especially bloggers & social media influencers. Jenna provides one on one convo’s with herself, other successful entrepreneurs, & so much more. I highly recommend her podcast if you’re an entrepreneur whose always trying to learn the tricks of the trade & stay ahead of the curve!

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