Glow Getter’s Guide to: Self care ♡

Glow Getter’s Guide to: Self care ♡

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I feel like this is an extremely important topic, especially since this month included Mental Awareness Day, that’s under talked & often forgotten about. Self care. Self love. Recharging. In this day & age, we all like to pride ourselves in ‘always hustling’, while it’s very beneficial working our faces off 24/7 to have the future of our dreams, we often forget we can’t get there in one piece, our truest, best version of, & healthiest selves, without the necessary self-care along the way. As a community of hustlers, go getters, glow getters, & dream chasers galore, were constantly working ten times harder with so much passion, all that emotion can get exhausting too. It’s okay to slow down & take care of yourself, to rest, indulge, & relax. It’s okay to do things for you.

Lately I’ve been in a weird energetic space, I’ve been in a funk. My spirit & energy has been low, I’ve been waking up fatigue, avoiding big social gatherings, feeling more drained than usual, not having much to say in social settings, & wanting to be by myself & ‘hide away’. Those are all signs to me I recognize all too well, when I need to focus on myself, & take care of my mind, body, spirit, & soul! It’s so important to know & recognize signs that you need to take some time for self care. I can’t be the best version of myself while I’m in an energetic funk, I can’t accomplish all I usually can, & focus the way I usually can. Being that I’ve been in this funk lately, I wanted to share my personal best practices for self-care to reel you out of a funk, after a bad day, or when you just feel a little down & out. I hope these practices can give you just as much love & recharge that you need to go through life as the best version of your happiest self! ♡


I love baths, there’s just something about a bath that’s extra cleansing. I wish I had a gigantic tub, like the type you jam out & sing in like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! Whether it’s a bath soak or a bubble bath, I love it all the same & feel so refreshed & rejuvenated afterwards!  Laying my whole body to rest in a warm bath is my easiest & favorite way to instantly feel a little better. I love an essential oil infused bubble bath or salt soak to awaken my senses. There’s really nothing like a bubbled filled bath to make you feel luxurious & pampered, especially with a candle lit near by & some light music playing. Talk about a vibe! But lately out of all, I’ve been really enjoying epsom salt bath soaks. There are so many incredible benefits to epsom salt! It’s truly amazing.

  • Eliminates toxins from the body
  • It relieves pain & muscle cramps
  • Reduces swelling & inflammation
  • Promotes magnesium absorption
  • Promotes sleep & stress reduction
  • Helps muscles & nerves function properly
  • Prevents hardening of arteries & blood clots

An epsom salt bath is a great cure for a mentally & physically long day, it will cleanse your aura, remove any toxins from with in the body, relax the muscles & joints in the body, & de-stress you! For more ways you can use epsom salt, check out this article from SaltWorks! There are so many varieties of epsom salt’s on the market to purchase other than the plain jane epsom salt alone, some are infused with lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, chamomile, & so much more to bump up your relaxation levels & soothe the senses.

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Affirmations & journaling

There’s nothing like spilling your heart out on paper. Writing has always been an outlet to me, in addition to reading. You have complete creative control when you write, I choose to write affirmations & to journal when I’m feeling in a funk or a little down & out. I love affirmations because I’m planting seeds for my future me, I’m manifesting, & calling in all the things I desire in my life & world. To read more about why & how I do my affirmations, check out my previous blog post all about it. I love a good journaling session too, I’ve always been a fan of keeping diaries since I was young, not only are they so thought & memory provoking going back & reading them years later, it’s like they absorb all the emotions, thoughts, & things you were having. The paper just takes it from you, right off your chest & laid to rest! Sometimes you just don’t wanna talk about it with someone, but you still need to let your thoughts & feelings out & free. When in doubt? Write it out.


Easily another favorite & instant way for me to feel better about myself & loved. When I get my hair or nails done, when I throw on a face or hair mask, even If I just shave my legs- I feel cared for & 10x better. I love treating myself to little high or annual maintenance, it’s very pampering having grooming services done by someone else. You just feel cared for & brand new! But even if you’re ballin’ on a budget, giving yourself a blow out, a pedi, a mani, or a facial, is still all the luxurious & pampering. I feel like a band new woman with a fresh paint job & a blow out. Take time to check your appearance, are your hands getting run down, your skins looking dull, & your hair ends are split? Do a little at home TLC & see how quickly your mood & confidence shifts. Don’t forget a warm essential oil infused bubble bath too!


This is something I’ve had to repeat & practice, to really receive the benefits of it & understand it long-term. You won’t always feel inspired or amazing after your first meditation session, it takes mastery & practice to truly grasp, appreciate, & enjoy the ritual of meditating. For some, meditation comes simple & easy, but for myself, with a chaotic mind & emotional spirit, it takes repetition to successfully master a good meditation session. I personally enjoy a guided meditation, these have immensely helped my meditation process & progress. Listening to someone guide me through the steps of stillness with intentional breathing & envisioning, while I clear my mind. In some of my deeper guided meditations, I’ve had some incredible experiences, & I always feel clear & centered afterwards. Even recharged, especially after a grounded meditation! I love guided meditation for staying grounded, protected, & clearing your chakras. Our physical body & mind are so deeply connected, meditation is a great way to give your mind rest & peace which will benefit your physical body in a healthy way too.

Reading + Listening to PodcastsScreen Shot 2018-10-23 at 4.10.38 PMI talk about podcasts quite often, & it’s really because I love them, I’m obsessed. They’re game changers & definitely mood lifters for me! There’s nothing like throwing on a insightful, funny, or educational podcast to enrich your mind & spirit to make you feel  little better. You can check out & read about all my favorite podcasts to listen to, at my previous podcasts favorites blog post here. 9/10 I usually always start my morning with a podcast to set the tone of the day right, they just put me in such a good mental space for a new day! Besides listening to podcasts, I love to pick up a good book when I’m feeling low-spirited to wish my mind away to another place, mind-set, & focus. I just love books because they have the power to provoke imagination, emotion, insight, & so much more. I personally feel a good book can never be wrong for the soul. When I’m feeling down & need some self-care, my favorite genre for reading is of course- self-help, development, & care! Here’s a list of some of my favorite self-development & thought-provoking books to read when I want to care for my mind & soul:


  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson
  • The Four Agreement’s, Miguel Ruiz
  • The Secret, Rhonda Byrne
  • You Are A Badass, Jen Sincero
  • Like She Own’s The Place, Cara Awill leyba
  • 100 Day’s to Brave, Annie F. Downs
  • The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch
  • Unf*ck Yourself, Gary John Bishop

I hope you loved this blog post all about self-care & were able to take away some new ideas & outlets for self-love, care, healing, & development just when you really need it! What’s your personal favorite & most healing way to unwind, recharge, & care for yourself? Share it with me in the comments below!

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