Hair Care Master List

Hair Care Master List

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Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 4.20.35 PMDisclaimer: I am not a hair expert or professional, I’m just a freelance stylist whose taught myself how to maintain & style healthy hair! & not to toot my own horn *toot toot* but I do get a lot of compliments on my hair, the the cut, the color, & the styles. I kinda have my own signature styles I would say, either beachy, curly, or super sleek. I honestly love it each time I do get a compliment on my hair because I do make a huge point to take care of my hair, & I love that it shows! I take pride in my investment of time & money in my hair. When I get asked, how did I learn how to do this or that when it comes to hair, I think back to myself & there isn’t a particular time I had a ‘huge’ one on one learning lesson- it was all trial & error & growing up around my mother, who owned her own hair & nail salon, that gave me a natural knack for hair from watching her work on clients. I was that 7-year-old girl with blonde highlighted hair without a split end in sight! I was always so lucky growing up to have my mom help me take care of my hair, most of my life growing up until I finished college, my mom would cut & color my hair for me. My mom & I would always have fun with my hair styles & I’ve learned so much about hair over the years from her.  She always taught me the importance of taking care of your hair, maintaining, & investing in it.

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It hasn’t always been hair goals though, when it comes to hair, I’ve had bad cuts, short cuts, brassy hair, split ends, highlights, & so much more. What I’ve learned through every stage is maintenance is key! There is no perfect overnight hair recipe, healthy hair is built on a daily basis. You can’t go completely cheap on yourself either, hair is a huge representation of YOU. Hair is one of the first thing most people notice about one another. Not only that, it also describes us, our moods& our personalities in some ways as well.  My hair is a huge piece of my self-confidence, a bad hair cut can make me feel so ugly I want to cry…& no lie, I have actually cried once or twice, LOL. I know, I’m dramatic over hair! It’s true. Which is why, who better than to write a hair care master list?! My goal with this list is to answer any & all hair questions I’ve received into one hair care guide. Products by category,  tips & tricks, do’s & don’t, & so much more! Do take into consideration that not everyone’s hair is the same, what might work amazing for me may not be the perfect fit for you depending on what type of hair you have. My hair texture is med-full, thick, naturally semi straight, & originally natural dark brunette. If you have medium to full, thick, color treated hair the products I recommend in this post may be the perfect fit! Everything in beauty is trial & error, but over all I have found I feel these products are great quality for most hair types!

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Joico K-PAK Restorative Protect & Shine Serum

This serum gives my hair maximum shine, I love the subtle scent, & how it makes my hair feel extra silky & sleek. I usually use this serum post styling, more often than not after straightening my hair. It’s just the perfect post styling touch, that makes my hair look & feel amazing. Not only does it make your hair look amazing but it feels amazing in the long run from all the nourishment within this serum.

Moroccan Oil Treatment Original

Such an amazing quality serum for the price, I usually invest in the smaller $15 size because a little goes a long way for me, I’ve learned the trick is not over oiling the hair, just the right amount can enhance natural hair or  a style, easily. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair when I wearing & using this hair serum. It’s got a beautiful scent & a light weight formula.

Oribé Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

One of my favorite hair serum’s if you are looking or feeling to invest in very boujie but high quality hair care. Every penny is worth it with this beautiful hair serum. It does remind me of the serum from Joico, but on a higher luxury hair care scale. It’s light weight, adds amazing shine, smoothes down, stays sleek, while nourishing your hair.

Bio Silk Silk Therapy Original

This is an OG product that’s stuck with me since highschool! If you’re looking for an affordable great quality serum, this is it. You can find it greatly priced at TJ Maxx, Target, Ross, & more. It’s also sold in the cosmo prof, the professional hair care store where only licensed cosmetologist can purchase the product. It really is high-end quality at n affordable price. I also enjoy the scent of this product, but it is thicker in formula than the others above. ou really need the smallest amount of product on dry hair. I also love to use this serum on damp towel dried hair, pre styling.

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R+Co High Dive Moisture & Shine Cream

I picked this up from Nordstrom & I’ve loved it ever since, I use this in damp towel dried hair after washing. It detangles, nourishes, strengthens adds moisture, and shine. It smells divine too! I usually apply this product on the ends of my hair, never going higher than the ear level. I truly feel like this contributes to my hair drying feeling silky smooth! It adds so much moisture to my hair & when it dries it feels heathy & stronger than without it. It’s a very affordable product, around $23, with high end hair care quality.

Joico Liquid K-PAK Liquid Reconstructer

I’m a big fan of everything K-PAK from Joico! The whole line is amazing! I love this leave in conditioner, it really replenishes & nourishes your hair. A little of this product can go a long way, it’s a heavier spry formula so I advise starting with 2-3 sprays unless you have very thick or coarse hair. Adding too much product may weigh it down or hold excess product that can’t absorb or dry down. I love that it detangles & smoothes too, while leaving your hair smelling amazing.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product

I feel like this is a cult favorite!? Another product I’ve used since high school! It smells great, leaves you hair silky smooth, dentagles, conditions, moisturizes, & adds shine. It’s another great product on the market for all different hair types to use. It can be found at Tj Maxx, Ulta, sometimes even ross for a discounted price. This product is great for all hair types, light hair, dark hair, color treated hair, damaged hair, thin hair, thick hair, it can work for just about any hair type!

IGK Mistress Hydrating Balm

This is a recent product I fell in love with, I’m really beginning to love the IGK brand as I try more & more products from them! This in particular is a very light weight balm, it add’s a lot of extra hydration to your hair. I usually apply this on damp towel dried hair, all over the ends of my hair. I tend to use a lot of product, probably because I have a lot of hair & I like my ends to look & feel super hydrated. This can also be used on dry hair, if it needs extra hydration asap. Whether used wet or dry, its a light weight balm so it won’t weigh your hair down or make it look greasy. It smells lovely & absorbs quickly into your hair!

DryBar Prep Rally Prime & Prep

One of my favorite products from DryBar, it has a pepperminty coolness too it in sensation & smell, you instantly feel awake & energized when you use it. It makes your hair feel & smell extra clean. It’s really great for detangling corse or damaged hair, leaving it feeling super refreshed & replenished afterwards.  It’s perfect for prepping damp hair before drying to style with hot tools. Not to mention it comes in the cutest pink packaging which is just so girly & aesthetically pleasing.

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Joico K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor

If you’re not a fan of bananas, you may want to stay clear of this product because that’s exactly what it smells like, in my opinion! I love it, I think it smells so good. The consistency of this mask isn’t like most, it’s not a thick hair mask. I love how silky and good smelling this leaves my hair when it dries. I really believe that over time this mask can really repair even some of the most damaged hair if used consistently!

L’Oreal Total Repair 5-Damage Erasing Balm

The best hair mask for the price! Seriously an amazing drug store hair product! You can’t beat it, it smells amazing, leaves your hair super conditioned, hydrated, smelling amazing, & feeling silky smooth. I love using this product after I touch up color on my hair. It really adds moisture back into your scalp too if you bring it up to your roots. It’s easy to wash out & doesn’t leave any type of heavy film on your hair. It’s a thicker hair mask so a little amount of product can go a long way.

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L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo & Conditioner

My favorite affordable & drug store shampoo & conditioner of all time. ALL TIME. 50% of the time this is what I’m using on my hair, if I run out of my professional shampoo & conditioner & need quick hair product pick up, or even if I’m budgeting myself & want to save money on hygiene necessities. I highly recommend this particular line, it’s the only one I’ve actually tried from L’Oreal! I fell in love & stuck with it ever since. It smells amazing but not over fragranced like most drug store hair care.  It really takes care of my hair just as good as my favorite professional hair care line, K-PAK from Joico. It leaves it feeling deep cleaned, silky smooth, shiny, healthy, strong, & hydrated. 10/10 recommend, especially for color treated or damaged hair.

Joico K-PAK Shampoo & Conditioner

I have nothing but great things to say about all the Joico products I’ve tried, especially the K-PAK line which is my ultimate favorite. It’s great for every day hair care maintenance but I’ve also found it works great for color treated or damaged hair as well. It leaves my hair feeling clean, moisturized, silky smooth, & strong. I love the light fragrance of these products & I think they’re reasonably priced for the quality as well. Majority of the time I purchase Joico from my local Ulta when they often do their buy two get one free hair care deals- such a steal! That’s also when I decide to try new products from Joico too. If you’re looking for professional grade shampoo & conditioner, this is a great option & not only can you pick it up at your local Ulta, but I’ve seen jumbo sizes priced extremely discounted at Tj Maxx!

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Oribé Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

By far, my favorite dry shampoo! I’m pretty impressed with Oribe’s hair serum, dry shampoos, & texturizing spray, they’re all equally amazing. i love the dry shampoo the most because it’s very lightly fragranced, has a light weight consistency in your hair, cleans hair immediately, & add’s just the slightest bit of texture to hair too. You can really go in with a lot of this product, even though you totally won’t need to, & it will never leave white residue or film on your hair! It gives my hair the perfect refreshment it needs after not washing for 2 -3 days, & gives me a matte but not dry-looking finish- which I like. I personally don’t like too much sine to my hair, especially at the roots or ears up, that’s when it can start to look too oily . The only real downside to this product is that it is an investment, its a luxury hair care line the prices their products from $40+.

IGK Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo

If you need a really deep clean in a quick fix for a super oily scalp, this is for you! It’s the deepest clean as far as IGK dry shampoo’s go, this is made for the girl whose not washing for 4-5 days with oily roots. There’s little to no scent with this product, immediately refreshes, & doesn’t completely take the shine out of your hair or makes it look to matte. It has a the slightest hold to it, so you can style your hair easily after using it. Highly recommend for anyone who avoids washing their hair for a few days to a weeks time. I love picking up the $14 travel size of this product from Sephora. It’s great to carry around in your bag for a quick refresh or to take on vacation, the travel size usually lasts me such a long time since a little spray goes along way!

DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo

I love the scent of the dry shampoo! If you’re sensitive to fragrance, you may wan too pass on trying this particular product. It has a rich & sweet aroma that leaves your hair not only looking clean but smelling clean too! They do a regular version of this product as well as one designed for darker hair, but personally this is my fav out of the two considering I have darker hair. I wouldn’t recommend the darker hair version because it can leave a dark brunette powder on the hair that can transfer to clothing or pillows! This particular Detox dry shampoo can leave your hair looking like it has a little baby powder on the roots if you spray too much product. The key to using this correctly is dong 2-3 sprays at the roots or wherever product is needed, then shaking out the roots/hair or combing through the hair to remove any excess product.

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

Best dry shampoo in the drug store, hands down! It’s very reasonably priced, has the most subtle fragrance, leaves hair refreshed immediately, & keep’s your hair oil free for the rest of the day. When I need a quick dry shampoo fix or when I feel like saving money on hair care, I always pick me up one of these! Depending on the site selection, you can purchase this dry shampoo for $5-7!

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Oribé Dry Texturizing Spray

One of the most light weight, non sticky, texturizing sprays. It also adds a little dry shampoo affect to your hair if you spray into your roots too. It gives a very flexible, slight hold to hair, adds body & a hint of volume. You can add a lot of this product without it ruining the hair style or weighing your hair down. It’s really good for a lived in straight hair vibe or a beachy / tousled styled curls or waves. Again, its an investment hair product priced over $40 but you do get a lot of product for the price point. This is my go to product when I want my hair to look lived in but also referred at the same time.

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

A more affordable & cost friendly texturzing spray. There’s little to no fragance in this product, they do travel friendly sizes which is an even more affordable way to try the priduct out, or they do very good value deal sets that include the travel size of this product, which is how I first ried it out. This product isn’t as light weight as the Oribe texturizing spray, it’s kind of a medium weight spray, I would advise not getting carried away with too much product because it could make your hair have too much hold & texture. But when using the right amount, 2-3 sprays, it gives a flexible hold lived in hair style. This is for someone whose looking for extra dimension to their hair styles, who doesnt want hair spray but still a soft hold to their hair style with out it lookin over done or over saturated with hair product.

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Babyliss Pro Nano 1 inch Titanium Spring Curling Iron

This isn’t my exact curling iron I use, but it’s the closest one to it! My curling iron is from Babyliss, it’s also a 1 inch barrel clamp iron, & I bought it about 5 years ago at my local Cosmo Prof store, but Babyliss can be found in store at Ulta as well. I highly recommend this brand because you get extreme longevity with your investment, I can’t believe it’s lasted me about 5 years with no issues what so ever & I would be using this iron almost daily through out the years. I also believe I bought it on sale for about $20! Bayliss has frequent deals on their tools, especially through Ulta. Even when not on sale, some of their tools range rom $40-60, you can’t find a better high end quality tool for the price.

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Babyliss Pro ceramic 2 inch flat iron

Another Babyliss tool that’s lasted me about 5 years as well! This is the exact flat iron I have. I love it because it can get up to 450 degrees, the 2inch width for the iron catches so much hair at one time, unlike smaller irons that require small sections of hair at one time. Because this flat iron is so wide, it can flatted big sections of hair very quickly. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to straighten their hair in 10 minutes or less, that’s all it takes for me even though my hair is very long. It’s priced at $35 right now which is an insane invest meant considering it’s lasted me almost 5 years. Babyliss is literally one of the bet affordable tools on the market, no doubt about it!

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Wet Brush Flex Dry Hair Brush

I think I’m super late on the wet brush phenomenon, but never the less, late or not I am obsessed!! I was recently gifted a wet brush by my mother,  & now my entire life has changed. I use to dread washing my hair & especially brushing it while it’s wet. This is major for someone who wets or washes their hair often, especially If you have quite thick, coarse, or long hair, it can get very tangled when wet & difficult to comb through. These wet brushes detangle hair remarkably easily & effortlessly, & make blow drying hair so quick & easy. My hair is the easiest to blow dry when I use this brush & it leaves my hair feeing silky smooth with no breakage to my hair whatsoever. The best part is that these wet brushes are prices at $6-7, they can not be beat. I truly believe everyone needs to own a wet brush!

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Who better than to ask my personal professional hairstylist, Passionae Amick, for the best hair care advice! I’ve been seeing I asked Pash for a few years now & I trust no one else to cut my hair but her! My hair has come such a long way since seeing her regularly,  it’s become so much healthier, & grows insanely fast now that I get annual cut’s & trims done. Pash has seen my hair for so many different needs an occasions, to relayering, trimming, & even chopping, Pash has given my hair so much life & style! She’s an amazing colorist but I see her regularly for hair cuts & trims! Being that I trust her with my hair so much & admire her work & skill,  I asked Pash if she’d be willing to spill her top 5 best general hair care advice & recommendations!

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1.) CUT your hair, if you want to maintain length you have to make sure your ends don’t break off. The only way to ensure your hair is strong is to trim your hair regularly. If you heat style your hair on a weekly basis you will have to trim more often.

2.) Don’t cheap out on products. You wear your hair everyday so you have to take care of it. Many of us invest in our hair, over a 100+ sometimes. Don’t ruin your hair with a 4 dollar shampoo conditioner combo

3.) “Try” to stay away from heat styling. If you aren’t going somewhere that requires style for example a grocery run etc skip the flat ironing. Opt for a sleek pony or high bun your hair will thank you!

4.) Not everyone looks good blonde, or can keep up with the maintenance. If you know you can’t afford to tone/maintain your blonde you’ll end up looking worst that having your natural shiny hair. Be realistic, if you are blonde that’s great but blonder doesn’t necessarily mean prettier.

5.) Always use leave in products, especially when styling with heat. I always use a hair oil (Paul Mitchell awapuhi styling treatment oil for example) towards my ends to help maintain moisture. A heat protectant is also a must. It’s a 10 is a great product because it has 10 benefits that include a leave in conditioner/heat protectant. The hefty price tag actually works out when you realize it’s many products in one. Plus it smells amazing. Make sure you always protect your hair while styling.

You can find, follow, & book pash at her style seat page or on instagram.

I hope you more than enjoyed this blog post all about my hair 411! I really tried to cover anything & everything that I find important to my personal hair care & hair care in general, if there’s anything I left out that you’re curious about, leave it in the comments below! What’s some of your holy grail hair products, tips, or tricks? let me know!

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