Glow Getter’s Guide to: 2019

Glow Getter’s Guide to: 2019

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What’s one word you’d use to describe your life experience in 2018? There’s a lot of words I can use to describe this recent year: Challenging, successful, rejection, blessed, loss, love, learning…but one word that stands out & really makes me feel some type of way, is the word ‘Energy’. That term has played a big role throughout my 2018 consisting of: positive energy, negative energy, vibrational energy, draining energy, inspirational energy, funky energy, & everything in-between. The 12 month packed lots of lessons about conserving, & preserving my energy. These past 12 months have given me a lot to reflect on, be grateful for, & to be motivated / inspired by, while deciding what I truly want the energy of 2019 to be. The most important energy of all that I want 2019 to be is, authentic, in every aspect.

All that being said, like last year, I’m providing you with Glow Getters Guide to 2019! My tools, tips, & advice  for conquering 2019 & making it the energy you want it to be year round. I’m offering a few thought-provoking questions & role-playing exercises to really get you in the clear mind-set for your ambitions in 2019. You can choose to answer any, one or all of these questions, whatever you feel called to need & know with clarity. These exercises are all about envisioning & clarifying every possible detail.

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  • Describe what you want 2019 to be in 3 words? Next to each 3 words, write a goal that will help you work towards that word, whether it’s a verb or a noun. Get creative, think outside of the box.
  • If you could accomplish ANYTHING, I mean anything with no limits, think of your wildest dreams, biggest accomplishments, don’t hold back, what would you want to accomplish? Make it lengthy, descriptive, you need all the details. At least top 3 things you want to see come to fruition in 2019. The details are what matters most. If 2019 was the year ALL your dreams came true, what would that look like?
  • Who do you want to be in 2019? It’s never, & I mean never, too late to be who you want to be or to start over completely. If there’s anything the boss bitches on Sex in The City taught me, it’s THAT, you can be who ever the f*ck you want to be, & it’s never too late to change, reinvent yourself, pursue love, & chase your dreams. Think of who you want to be, how does that person feel when they wake up in the morning? Do they do coffee, how do they take their coffee? What do they wear? Where do they work? How do they feel about their work? Get very detailed & descriptive, we need a whole day in their life, from what they feel like in the morning, what they eat, what they wear, who they surround themselves with, from the moment they open their eyes to the minute they shut.  Think idol, goals, best version of yourself- write down who that person is day in & day out. That’s your map to self growth in 2019.

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A few of my ambitions for 2019 is to travel, become a huge girlBOSS, be savage & unapologetic about doing whats best for my mind, body, & soul, focus on my physical health & fitness to get closer to my body image goals, give zero f*cks about others opinions & criticism, get money & get lit with my BFF’s, create my own personal empire, & experience financial freedom– among many other ambitions! These images remind me of those things & the vibe I want 2019 to be.

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  • Improve my time management: Wake up an hour earlier than necessary each day & arrive 15min early to any occasion, event, or appointment.
  • Make myself my #1 priority: Be selfish with my energy, time love, & attention- unapologetically. Follow my heart & trust my intuition. Make the tough decisions it takes to ensure my happiness & live my most authentic life.
  • Work on my financial freedom: Receive a promotion/raise, save a portion of every check for ‘my future goals’ fund (my own home, travel, giving back to my family, etc.), pay off any credit card balances, live my life credit card & debt free!

I hope you’ve enjoyed yet another GGD Guide to a New Year! I really am wishing, praying, & hoping all the absolute best for us all in this new year of 2019. Never forget to dream big, speak life over yourself, manifest, & take leaps of faith towards the desires of your hearts. Do your part, God & the Universe will meet you half way. What are some of your top resolutions for 2019?! Share them in the comments with me below! I’m always so inspired by other’s resolutions to be a better version of themselve & live their best life. Cheer’s!

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