Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her

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Selfie Bluetooth Remote Control

Because girls love taking selfies & pictures of themselves…duh? Especially when no one is around or there to take pictures of you- so solve that problem for your girl & get her a bluetooth selfie timer remote. If your girl is big on social media, pictures, selfies, etc. She needs this!

Nadir Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet

Because what girl doesn’t love diamonds? I mean, easily a girls best friend. Ice your girl out in this simple, classy, timeless, beautiful tennis bracelet.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

Literally thee most coziest, soft, plush, comfortable material & cardigan of all time. Nothing beats barefoot dreams when it comes to quality & comfort, it’s definitely not cheap, but you get everything you pay for with the comfort & quality!

Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

Again, the quality of barefoot dreams is just unmatched, there’s nothing like having the perfect cozy blanket to cuddle up to or stay warm & sleep in with. This material will have you feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud.

Cool Mini Skincare Fridge

I’m obsessed with my mini fridge, I have this exact one! & it was astounding the messages I received when I first received it in the mail & posted about it- every girl messaged me that she has had her eye on one & wants one! I know, total random gift Idea but trust me your girl most likely would LOVE one. They are just too amazing to store skincare in, you just feel so boujie applying chilled skincare, its very spa-like. You’ll get a A+ with this gift if you’re girl is big on skin.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Sude Cologne 

Because every girl loves a pretty perfume / cologne that just entices you in! This is the most beautiful soft, floral, sweet scent, ever. It smells clean, girly, & classy. I’m obsessed with it, it’s such a romantic scent. It’s literally perfectly fitting for a valentines day date.

Roses That Last 365 Days

we LOVE flowers, well at least I do! There’s really nothing like a classic romantic gesture of roses on valentines day. Especially ones that are aesthetically pleasing on or vanities, desks, & in our rooms. So what more romantic than beautiful roses lasting an entire year, for an actual affordable price! This amazon retailer sells real roses that last 365 days.

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Saxx Boxer Brief 2 Pack

My boyfriend got a pair of these for Christmas & he even said himself, this is one of the most comfortable brands for men’s underwear. It lets their good’s hang & breathe, not suffocating, chaffing, or rubbing. yikes. this material is super silky soft & light weight. Your boo will definitely thank you for paying the extra time for these huggers.

Apple Air Pods

I used this as a gift option for this past christmas’ gifting ideas & it still is a great gift to give to your other half if he doesn’t own a pair yet. My boyfriend wears his everywhere, he loves the pair he got for christmas! They’re super nifty, easy to get things done or work out with, cordless, & compact.

Apple Air Pods 7 in 1 Case & Accessories

If you decide to get your man a set of airpods, don’t forget some accessories too! You can customize the color of the airpods case, have changeable ear pieces, a cord attachment option if desired, & even a clasp to hook on to pants or a bag!

Jo Malone Vitamin E Travel Kit

Because men’s skin needs love too! I can’t say it enough, I feel like most average straight men don’t splurge or treat themselves to any quality skincare, if any at all. double yikes. Men with nice skin, are sexy, especially if his skin is glowing! Treat your mans to the perfect & affordable, high end quality of Jo Malone Skincare, their Vitamin E Travel kit. It’s the perfect sizes a man needs for on the go, traveling, or even in their pocket for a quick pick me up. This vitamin E line is good for nourishing any skin type.

Yeti Rambler Insulated Beer Chiller

Men just love a cold crisp beer, you know? Keep your man chilled out with this Yeti beer chiller case, its great for on the go, outdoor bbq-ing, partying, & so much more.

PS4 Game / Controller Organizer

If your man is a gamer & you live with him, I’m sure you’re aware of the ridiculous amount of games, cords, & accessories that come with a PS4. Help him store his prized possession & accessories with this compact, efficient, sleek, & affordable game controller organizer!

Foreo Issa Sonic Tooth Brush

Because last but not least, we love a guy with a nice set of pearly whites! Keep your mans hygiene game on fleek with this Foreo Issa Sonic Tooth Brush, it’ll keep his smile beemin’. Another item maybe your average joe wouldn’t spend the money on for himself but is so worth it. I seriously love the Foreo brand, you get every penny you pay for in quality with their devices!

Happy Valentin-ing & gift exchanging lovers, I hope the 14th is filled with lots of love & positive vibes for you, whether you’re single or not.  & Don’t ever forget, loving yourself is always the most important. So f*ck it, treat yourself too to a little gift while you’re at it. You deserve it!

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