Team Tilbury Takes Los Angeles & Orange County

Team Tilbury Takes Los Angeles & Orange County

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That’s right, you read correct. #TeamTilbury took over Los Angeles & Orange County for 72hrs, & it was amazing! A quick refresher if you’re confused as to who ‘Team Tilbury’ is- I work for Charlotte Tilbury, The world’s #1 makeup artist. She’s very well-known as a celebrity makeup artist, backstage artist for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show makeup, prior to creating her personal brand she designed products for Tom Ford & YSL to name a few. To sum her up, shes literally the most charming, seductive, & brilliant makeup artist straight out of the UK. Everything is ‘darling’ this & ‘darling’ that in her adorable accent, it just makes you feel extra special & extra..well, EXTRA. Being the amazing lady boss that Charlotte is, she flew us in for an all expenses paid training trip to California.

Last year she was kind enough to fly us to San Francisco! Need less to say, we, as in my coworker Sheri & I, were hyped to be going to a new fun destination & to be learning about all the amazing magic & products being cooked up & launching soon with Charlotte Tilbury in 2019. It was a super quick 3 day trip, but Sheri & I, most definitely made the best of every second! We squeezed in so much fun things aside from our incredible training experience, & I figured, why not let you guys in on some of the magic & recap with you! It’s such a blessing to be apart of a company that is not only so innovative, disruptive, magical, close-knit, quality, & award winning…but also extremely generous, among so many things! I am so grateful to be apart of such an incredible community of talented, bad ass, & sensational artist with Charlotte Tilbury. Because the company is literally a baby on the rise & growing, compared to a lot of other iconic brands that have been in the beauty industry for 20+ years, this makes Charlotte a very close knit, hands on, community of artist, leaders, creators, & everything in between. I literally learn first hand from celebrity makeup artist, who work on celebs like Emma Roberts, Aero Smith, Robbin Thicke, Violetta Komyshan, Kat Graham, Jason Mamoa, Victoria Secret models galore, & many, many more.

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Our trip starts off with us landing in Los Angeles, our flight was quicker than usual & we arrived an hour ahead of what we were scheduled- talk about a travel win! Our bosses so generously rented us a car for our entire stay in California so we were out & about as we pleased! Our first stop in LA, was Santa Monica Pier. We arrived at the Pier about 4pm-ish, the sun was out, the beach was gorgeous, but it was WINDY. To say the least, oh, & COLD. Low 50 degree weather, next to the water, with ton’s of wind? Pass the clam chowder please! Which is exactly what we did, we went to one of the piers popular restaurant called the Albright. We ordered to Clam Chowder’s in sourdough bread bowls & a calamari to split. Alright & admittedly…I just had to order a glass of Rose´too, like duh, it was a long flight. Albright gets a sold 8/10 from me, the chowder was good but not like the best I’ve ever had, I mean, I love chowder & have tried many across the states, so I feel I’m safe to judge & say. If you are a sourdough bread fan- then this is your jam, it was insane how big the bread bowl actually was, tons & tons of carbs. YUM. The calamari was excellent, the Rose´ was okay. It takes a really good Rose´to impress me, if were being honest. It was literally so cold & windy at the pier it was hard to really enjoy it, outdoors of Albright, so we didn’t ride any rides or play any games. But the sunset was absolutely gorgeous & that was our que to leave shortly after.

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Next stop, Anaheim. Can you guess what for? DISNEY, duh! How could we come to LA & not do Disney! Especially so because neither I or Sheri, had EVER been to Disneyland before. Like how crazy is that?! We were so excited to experience the theme park together for the first time! We definitely got more than enough advice & recommendations on what to do & how to do Disney for a first timer. Despite all the feedback, it was still over whelming for my first time, even as an adult. There’s just literally so much to see & do! We unfortunately only had one day at the theme park, so instead of trying to rush through everything & do Disneyland & California Adventure both in one day, we settled on just Disney. A huge bummer was that the famous Disneyland castle was being worked on & under construction while we were there so we didn’t get it in any of our pictures! But, none the less, the park was a huge amazing sight to see. Indiana Jones & Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup rides, are my favorites out of all the rides we rode. My day started off perfect with Beignets for breakfast! Like I coud really eat them everyday for the rest of my life. The churro’s on the other hand, were good, but not like mind-blowing? I personally feel they’re a little over hyped. Over all I had a great time at Disney & I can wait for my next time there to check out California Adventure park too!

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After our day at Disney, we left the park to head to Orange County, Costa Mesa! I told you, we were really on the go every second of the day! Arriving in Costa Mesa, we checked into our fabulous Penthouse suite, courtesy of our Amazing Account Executive, Celina! It was so freaking adorable! It had an upstairs, down stairs, two rooms, two king sized beds, two full baths, a full kitchen, & even a fire-place! It really was goals. After checking in & sprucing ourselves up, we headed out to dinner at a restaurant highly recommended near by, called Maggiano’s Little Italy. Yes, italian always for the win & this place absolutely did not disappoint! They’re known for good food at a good price, it’s literally buy any one pasta & get another pasta free to take home. I mean, can I just eat there for the rest of my life or…? We ordered the lasagna, which was big enough for two to share, & took a free rigatoni with us for later! We both had white sangria which was so sweet & refreshing. To top off our first timer experience there, we also split the tiramisu, which was absolutely mouth water worthy. It was some of the best tiramisu I’ve ever tried & I highly recommend this restaurant! Post dinner we joined our lovely boss Celina for some cocktails, I love a good late night, night cap! White wine was exactly what I needed to end the fun filled day, right.

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The next morning it was finally time, the whole reason why we traveled so far, Charlotte Tilbury Seasonal North America training! Hosted by none other than our amazing boss Celina Mata-Valle, our sensationally charming trainer Beck Morgan, & our insanely incredible pro artist Barri King. Talk about a bad ass team. Beck & Barri have done various celebrities makeup, as well as the Victoria Secrets Models makeups, & so many other big names. Barri is actually doing THE Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup for the whole week of the Oscars! I mean, how f*cking isnane is it that I get to learn from, be coached by, critiqued by, supported by, & hyped by these wildy talented individuals!? A literal DREAM, really come true. What I love most about all of our Charlotte Tilbury Seasonal trainings, it’s that mentality & positive reinforcement is a HUGE part of the brand & what values they want to create & instill in us. It all starts with scratching out any self-limiting beliefs & creating positive & motivational affirmations.

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Of course, we played with lots & lots of Pillow Talk Collection! If you don’t know what Pillow Talk is yet, like what is your life & where have you been?! It’s literally almost the number one lipstick in the world! Every girl, needs a Pillow Talk product in her makeup wardrobe. We demo’d the pillow talk eye shadow palette & blush on each other with new styling techniques. We also played with the Icons Palette, a medley of metalic pigmented colors, launching soon on March 28, 2019, & even the high shine latex glosses that are insanely full coverage lip pigment in one glossy swipe! We even got a sneak peek at a few products launching later this spring that haven’t even launched a campaign for yet. *eeek!* super, super top-secret. I took pic’s…but I’m not suppose to post! Like forbidden. If you want to check them out, come by the counter to see me & I’ll show you all the pics & video’s! Here’s a hint, it’s a complexion product, & it rhymes with orgasm. Oh, & it’s to die for, I can’t wait to smother my face in it & get my hands on it! We’re also launching a new fabulous foundation for the full tropical glamazon. It’s FULL coverage, light weight, completely matte, & extremely long wearing. Shall I say Amen for us all!? I am beyond excited for this new foundation to launch, I feel it’ll be my new favorite! We’re also launching new celebrity inspired lipstick colors, & the packaging of these lipsticks are all so unique & gorgeous. I need them ALL. yikes. Here’s a hint…some cheetah print, & maybe a galaxy here & there? Sounds random, but you just wait & see!

Towards the end of our training we got gifted the ultimate OG must have product, Charlotte’s Magic Cream, the new Goddess Skin Cleansing Ritual, Pillow Talk eyeshadow palette, & Pillow Talk blush! Talk about spoiled AF! After training was over, we rushed our way over to the KKW pop up, that was in South Coast Plaza Mall, where our training also took place. The KKW pop up was such a vibe!! I was literally dying because we only had a short period of time to check it out before we had to head out to dinner with out bosses! I swatched as many things as I possibly could in such quick timing & decided on a  few products! A new concealer & lipstick shade. I’ll post about them in a blog post coming soon!

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& As if we weren’t already spoiled 6 feet under enough, our wonderful bosses Celina & Beck took us out for one of the best meals I’ve ever had. BIBLE. The restaurant is called Dim Tai Fung, & I legit had the best dumplings I’ve ever had in life. Pork dumplings, chocolate filled dumplings, buns filled with Chocolate & Taro, & o.m.g the veggies. Like how can one make broccoli & green beans taste SO good?! Beyond highly recommend them if there’s one near you! I even got to watch the chef’s through a glass window, rolling & making each dumpling to perfection. Like how cool. & The gag was, the price for 4 people for 7 different things to eat, multiple glasses of wine, turned out ridiculously affordable, I was shook we all shared a meal less than $100. MAJOR, win. After dinner we came back to our hotel to relax, have more wine by the fire-place, & just enjoy some good ol’ girl time!

Our last day finally arrived & boy, was it depressing, like it literally looked miserable outside! It was super gloomy, cold, & raining! We had initially planned to do the last of our sight-seeing in LA on our last day but due to the weather & a late start to the day, we ending up having wine & blow out’s done at DryBar. One of my favorite places to pamper myself at! We enjoyed getting our hair washed, blown out, & styled while drinking white wine & watching a chick flick playing on the big screen. The cool part is, one of the stylist was telling us how normal it is for celebrities to pop in & out of the salon there in Fashion Island. Cobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, often visits the same salon. So I was basically like a C list celebrity for the day, you know? LOL, just kidding. But after blow outs, time had really blown by too. We made a pit stop at Trader Joes to pick up some affordable goodies we love to take home that we can’t get in Hawai’i. For lunch, we had the full works at In & Out Burger, to pop Sheri’s In & Out cherry! Before we knew it, it was time to turn our rental car in & get ready to fly home.

The trip was one gigantic blessing in itself & I hold all these memories so dear to my heart, I’m so grateful for all the experiences I’m able to have & receive working for Charlotte Tilbury. I can’t wait for all the travels I’ll have to come too! If you read this entire blog post, you really are a die-hard glow gang member & I salute you & thank you for caring about my journey & supporting me! xo!

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  1. Shalay Hokoana
    February 21, 2019 / 11:11 pm

    Amazing K! 💘 I feel like I’m next to you on this trip while reading your blog! Keep up the amazing work and grind !

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