Amazon Obsessions

Amazon Obsessions

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As a fairly new Amazon Prime member, I’ve been testing the waters in the virtual shopping world & ordering more than I ever have in the past. I’ve always been so skeptical ordering items online, but over time, I’e learned the tricks of the trade with amazon- reviews, reviews, reviews!! Read the reviews, check for customer pictures within the reviews, & 90% of the time you can make a fair guess what you can expect the quality of what you order to be! Since starting my prime membership on Amazon, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much I’ve loved everything new that I’ve ordered to try out! So you know I had to spill the 411 on my new Amazon favorites & obsessions of the moment!

Heat resistant hot tool pouch

Heat resistant silicone matte pouch for curling irons

I purchased this heat resistant silicone pouch to take with me on the go when I have hair gigs for Glow Getter Artistry, when I need to carry around or pack my hot tools while they are still warm / heated, & to rest my hot tools on while I use them on my clients during a gig. It works perfectly to protect any surfaces I rest my hoot tools on, & protects my hot tools that are still warm when packing them up without melting the protecting silicone pouch!

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Heat resistant glove for hair styling

I recently got a new interchangeable curling iron wand & I’m so used to using a curling iron with a clamp, that I’m not as confident in my hand placements when I’m using a wand. There’s really nothing more annoying & painful than burning your hand styling hair, so I purchased this cute & practical heat resistant glove for styling hair when using hot tools. It protects your hands from the heat of getting burned! Definitely a must for a newbie to the wand life & anyone else who tends to burn themselves with their hot tools.

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City Lights Studio Pro-multi compartment tool bag

I’ve recently invested in expanding & updating my freelance hair kit, hence all the hair related obsessions! But this is a purchase I’m super pleased with & that exceeded my expectations. I was looking all over for the perfect hair kit that was light weight, portable, spacious, & efficient. I finally found it! This hair kit bag is perfect because it goes over the shoulder to carry, its super spacious with a wide variety of pockets & compartments, & fits everything I need it to & more! I would highly recommend this for anyone that needs to take a lot of hair products on the go, does mobile hair services, or needs an efficient travel situation for all their hair related items.

Bottled Joy Water Bottle

Bottled Joy Water Bottle

A new must have! Highly highly recommend for anyone on the go! Not only is it a water bottle that has a detailed increment printed on the front, but two hidden & detachable parts underneath! The first detachable part connected to the bottle on the bottom, is for pills or supplements storage. If you need to take any vitamins, pills, or supplements throughout the day, you just unscrew the bottom, & retrieve the pills, it also has 3 separate compartments to store different pills in each! The second bottom portion that unscrews, provides the perfect amount of storage for any type of powders! Such as, protein powders & pre work out powders (or anything you want, really). I love that this water bottle is cute, efficient, & sleek! The additional compartments are game changing for someone like me on the go in the mornings, where I can have everything I need, all in one, when I’m running out the door!

Travel LED Mirror

Cerslimo Lighted Makeup Mirror

I purchased this earlier this year when I had my upcoming trip to LA, I knew that hotel lighting would be crap to do my makeup in & you’re not always guaranteed prime daylight or a window that allows it to come through! Plus, I knew I’d be doing my makeup on the plane prior to landing, so I needed this to ensure I would be ready to go when we touched down in Los Angeles! So extra, I know, but I also feel its so necessary lol. This is literally the most perfect compact travel size mirror that has a LED light up feature, for this amazing price point! It’s battery operated, sleek, light weight, easy to use, & has a prop up attachment on the back. I highly recommend this mirror if you’re looking for an affordable light weight mirror for travel or on the go!

Bluetooth seflie remote

CamKiks Wireless Bluetooth Camera

If you’re looking to level up your selfie game, this is exactly what you need. A Bluetooth remote control selfie taker! Just hook up the devices Bluetooth to your smart phone, set your phone where you want it at the right angle, & click away to take hands (well, semi) free selfies. This is perfect for any type of pictures really, the best & easiest for group pictures too!

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JETech Case for Apple iPhone 8 Plus

I love a good quality CLEAR phone case, I get too indecisive about colored or logo’d cases. I like something sleek, chic, durable, & affordable. So of course Amazon is a huge win when I purchase phone cases, majority of stores in or at the mall retail their phone case prices at minimum $20-60 depending on the type of case, maybe even more. Considering I like something super simplistic & practical, purchasing on Amazon is the way to go. I love that this phone case fits perfectly, is very durable if I drop my phone, & is easy to clean.


I hope you loved checking out my latest Amazon obsessions! Maybe you’ll try some of these out & fall in love with them like me! I love Amazon & I’m so glad I finally signed up for prime, I weirdly feel less guilty about shopping on there now, lol. What are some of your favorite finds or things to buy from Amazon?! I’m always trying & seeking out new things to give feedback on & optimize my lifestyle with new products! Let’s chat in the comments!

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