Vegan Strawnana Smoothie

Vegan Strawnana Smoothie

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Here’s my highly requested GGD Vegan Strawnana smoothie recipe that you see me post & have, almost daily, on my instagram stories. I love the dairy alternative items & ingredients used in this recipe! These dairy free products are some of the best tasting I’ve tried so far, that taste equally as good together as they do on their own. This smoothie is super simple, quick, & easy to make. I love having this as a breakfast meal replacement while I’m on the go, during the day as a snack, or in the evening to satisfy my sweet tooth fix. I hope you enjoy this bomb recipe as much as I do!

Ingredients needed:

1 banana

1 Handful of strawberries (Preferably frozen)

1 & 1/2 Cup Oatly Milk (Oat milk but you can also sub for almond milk)

1 Vanilla Silk Almond Milk Yogurt alternative cup

How to:

There’s really no pure science to this recipe, I don’t add one ingredient first over the other or in a particular way. You can literally throw any ingredient in first, at the measured amount listed above, blend together, & you’ve got your bomb vegan strawnana smoothie ready to sip on! To be super honest, 90% of the time I make this recipe, I’m literally rushing out the door on the go, so I truly eye ball my ingredients majority of the time. These ingredients are all so good, it makes it hard to mess up. If you like you’re smoothies super sweet, you can even add a little organic agave in to give it that extra sweet treat taste!

Let me know If you try making this smoothie recipe at home for yourself or while you’re on the go! What;s your favorite smoothie recipe to make or dairy alternative product, lets share the goodness n the comments below! + Tag me in any post on instagram & let me know your thoughts on the taste of the ingredients & the recipe!

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