Girl Boss Interview with Shalay Hokoana, The Creator of Harlow’s Dream House ♡

Girl Boss Interview with Shalay Hokoana, The Creator of Harlow’s Dream House ♡

I am so excited to be rolling out more Girl Boss interviews & today’s interview introduction is for someone I’m so excited to have collaborated with, that I adore & admire so much! Her makeup skills are insane, she’s so talented! She serves & slays so many different looks, from colorful makeup creations to colorful wigs- her creativity is so inspiring! She is truly is so motivational to me in many way’s. Her name is Shalay Hokoana, & she’s the creator + owner of Harlow’s Dream House ♡ Shalay has recently taken over the local beauty scene with the launch of her new brand, Harlow’s Dream House, your new home for all things glam, girly, & glitzy! From luxurious lashes, to hair bling, glitter, brushes, gorgeous vanity mirrors, & more- Harlow’s Dream House is one of my favorite go to glam brands, because it has everything a high maintenance glam girl like me needs!

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Not only is Shalay smart, dedicated, passionate, & gorgeous, she’s equally as beautiful on the inside too. I met Shalay through social media, on instagram, a few years back. Without really knowing each other yet,  I got a tag in a comment on a sunglass companies page, who had posted they were looking for new brand ambassadors. Shalay had tagged me in the post, shouting me out to the brand to have me as a new affiliate. To my wildest surprise, the brand offered me the affiliate partnership! My first collaboration & deal with a non beauty related company! All which would have never been possible without Shalay’s support & willingness to put me out there for opportunities I didnt even know of myself. That’s when I knew, I wanted to be friends with her because I love women who genuinely support other women, put them on for opportunities, recommend them, help them, even if they dont know them. Those are the type of women I want to surround myself with, network with, & ultimately the type of woman I will always want to hold myself to be. Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting Shalay, supporting her as well, & calling her a real life good friend & inspiration. It’s truly a pleasure to share her perspective, advice, & behind the scene’s 411 on her & Harlow’s Dream House.

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What inspired Harlow’s Dream House & it’s name?

Harlow’s Dream House has been inspired by our (my daughter &I) passion for the art of expression through makeup. In a huge way we have such similar taste in everything !! She is the driving force, and plays a large part in everything our brand is. Our brands name is inspired by her name Harlow-Dream. It’s a play on words (Barbie’s Dream House) the title and name in itself is a statement of what to expect from us when it comes to our products & esthetics. She really is the girliest little girl i know. We both have so much of the same passions – all things cute, girly, & of course a deep passion for PINK !

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What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business in general & also in the beauty community?

It will never be the “right time.” You will never have all the resources, knowledge or experience unless you start your business journey. Do something EVERY SINGLE DAY to work towards your goals.
-GOOGLE will be your best friend! Don’t know something ? ASK !! SEARCH & you WILL find the answers.
– Don’t wait for people to tell you, or do things for you- have the mindset that EVERYTHING needs to get done and YOU need to get it done.
-It’s ok to BE INSPIRED , but focus on creating your own lane, vibe, esthetic and brand. Create your own BLUEPRINT!


How do you balance the demands & duties of being a wife, mother of 2, & a successful business owner?

-Waking up early always maximizes the time I have during the day.
-I set specific times during the morning, afternoon & night when all devices are put completely away and out of reach so I’m not distracted.
-Lists are my bffs! I make lists for EVERYTHING ! It Helps me stay on task, get things done on time & helps me avoid forgetting what I have to do.
-tip: I’ve been using the app PLANNER PRO and I absolutely love it!! it keeps me completely organized with my entire personal& business life.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 12.31.23 PM.pngWhat do you find most challenging about being a business owner & how do you over come it?
One of the biggest challenges I have is letting go of things that are out of my hands. No matter how much I plan things out or think I’m doing everything possible to get the results I want there are times when things don’t go as planned and I’m learning to just push pass things I can’t control. I try to keep my mind busy and keep putting out nothing but my best, which is all I can do.


Do you have a personal life motto or mantra that you live by? What is it & why?

I’ve been the hit and miss queen since I was young. I’ve always been daring & unafraid to try new things and go for it in whatever it was. So I would definitely say – “you never know until you try.” I’ve failed many times and failure will never stop me. I’ll just find another door.

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What’s your personal favorite lash style by Harlow’s Dream House?

There’s so many that I love so much. Right now I have about 10 different pairs I wear in my personal makeup kit but I ALWAYS go back to the styles “Chelsey” , “Pricilla” & “Breseis” at the moment.


What inspires the product names for HDH lashes?

They’ve been inspired by a number of influential women of the past & in our personal lives. Others are just mainly feminine names we absolutely love.

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What’s your recommendations for a medium length natural everyday lash by Harlow’s Dream House?

Definitely “RIRI” ! she seems to be everybody’s favorite ! Slight criss cross pattern but very light and wispy!


How do you keep your creativity & inspiration flowing when designing, creating, & choosing merchandise/products for HDH?

To be very honest it’s really hard to know when to turn it off. There are nights I can’t sleep because my brain does not stop running. I’m constantly plotting or dreaming. All of the things I’ve done so far in the creating process has been extremely enjoyable for me. Not saying it’s not stressful or frustrating at all but what I do is what I love. I wake up looking forward to working on my business.

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What can we expect to see soon with Harlow’s Dream House?

Our next pop up shop will be a 3 day event at PearlRidge Center on July 19-21. We’ll be located directly in front of Forever 21 from opening until closing so we’re super excited about that. At that event we will be releasing 4 new products you won’t want to miss out on.


I hope you loved this interview with Shalay as much as I did! She is a major woman to watch. It’s always so motivational & inspiring to get to know the behind the scenes perspective of a true Girl Boss & I’m so grateful for all the inspo & gem’s Shalay shared with us! If you haven’t already checked out any of Harlow’s Dream House local pop up’s, stop by this up coming weekend at PearlRidge Center to see them! If you’re unable to stop by any of their pop up shop’s, you can always shop Harlow’s Dream House online. Regardless of where you shop HDH, you can save money on your purchase, on ANY item, with my discount code: GLOWGETTER. I’m legit obsessed with HDH’s lashes in ‘Mimi’, ‘Gigi’, ‘Kiki’, & ‘Riri’. There’s so many more I’m excited to try & a vanity is most definitely on my never ending wish list of gorgeous products that Harlow’s Dream House has!

Keep up with Shalay & Harlow’s Dream House, xo.

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