Girl Boss Interview with Brooke Souza, The Creator of Boss Babe Bikini’s ♡

Girl Boss Interview with Brooke Souza, The Creator of Boss Babe Bikini’s ♡

I’m so excited to share this #GirlBosses story, not only is she smart & strategic, she’s nothing short of stunning on the inside & out. I’m so happy to share a little insight into this mega babe’s business & bikini’s mindset! Introducing a one on one interview with Brooke Souza, one of the youngest entrepreneurs to step on the (local Hawai’i) scene & dominating by creating her own business, Boss Babe Bikini’s! If you haven’t already seen Brooke strutting down a local fashion show or pageant runway, modeling for your favorite fashion stores like Forever21, Moxy Boutique, Jeans Warehouse, you’ve surly seen Brooke in a bomb bikini in a photoshoot spread in a magazine or just slaying & laying out on the beach in Boss Babe Bikini’s. This force of nature newly made her passion & love for bikini’s + modeling into a successful fast growing business with swimsuits that everyone wants to make a splash in.

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I’ve known of Brooke over the years through mutual friends & social media, but more recently this year, we got to link up through collaborative modeling & business opportunities, where I really got to know her a lot better. It’s no lie there is always a stigma about beautiful women, not being able to be equally as smart, sweet, or skilled as they are beautiful- but Brooke continuously proves every stigma against her wrong, in every way possible. After getting to know Brooke one on one, any misconceptions about her quickly diminish. She truly is who she presents herself to be online, no posing (no pun intended) or photo-shopping necessary- she really is flawless in person, inside & out. She’s kind, supportive, smart, empowering, inspiring, & hardworking. It’s no surprise Boss Babe Bikini’s is taking off quickly with a CEO whose a total boss babe like herself, with quality swimsuits, flattering styles, fast shipping, & affordable pricing- she’s a recipe for success! Let’s get into this interview with Brooke Souza!

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What inspired you to create Boss Babe Bikinis?
I’ve always been obsessed with swimwear and felt most confident and comfortable in a bikini. This inspired me to create Boss Babe Bikinis because I wanted the share that feeling, and provide other women with cute suits that are super affordable.

What do you look for when choosing or designing styles for Boss Babe Bikinis?
When choosing styles for Boss Babe Bikinis I like to search for unique cuts and modern/trendy prints. As a business owner you definitely have to keep up with the trends, and I always try to keep that in mind when I’m making selections.

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What’s the most challenging part of creating a bikini line and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging part of creating a bikini company, for me, was actually starting the business in the first place. There were so many aspects of starting a business I didn’t know about. However, through extensive research and feedback I’ve learned— and continue to learn— about business and selling bikinis. And I love it!

What’s your favorite aspect about being a business owner?
My favorite aspect of being a business owner is definitely the freedom to choose how everything is done. I’ve always been an independent person and I’m very picky. I love being in charge of my own company and having the ability to operate things myself, in the way that I feel reflects my business best.

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What do you feel is the most challenging part of being an overall business owner and entrepreneur?
I believe the greatest challenge of being a business owner is the responsibility of managing everything. Although I love being in charge and making decisions for my business, it’s definitely challenging to do most things on my own and sometimes it’s a 24/7 job.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own business?
START NOW! Stop hesitating and finding reasons why you can’t do it and focus on the reasons why you CAN. Stay positive always, and never ever give up.

What character trait or quality do you think is the most important to embody when being a business owner or entrepreneur?
I believe the most important quality for ANY job and just for life in general, is positivity. If you have a positive outlook and attitude, you will truly succeed and excel in anything.

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What inspires the product names for your bikinis?
I choose the name for each bikini based on their individual style, print and color. All names are unique to Boss Babe Bikinis and made by our own company.

What’s your favorite piece of merchandise from Boss Babe Bikinis?
My favorite suit is definitely one of our newest pieces, the “Neon Splash” one piece! It’s no secret that I love a risqué bikini and that suit is also neon colored which is perfect for a summer pool party or photo shoot. It’s low maintenance with adjustable straps and feels really light in the water. I also love that it has cross straps in the front and is high waisted!

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What can we expect to see soon with Boss Babe Bikinis?
Boss Babe Bikinis will be shooting outside of Hawai’i, releasing new collections with more styles, participating in pop-up shops hosted by awesome local businesses, and eventually coming out with 100% unique styles and prints, designed by me! We are super excited for everything to come and will be posting about future events and other news on Instagram VIA



I hope you enjoyed reading about Brooke’s journey creating & running her new business, Boss Babe Bikini’s! Her work ethic & dedication to her business is something to be admired, content planning, photoshoot organizing, modeling, launching & selecting new styles, customizing her own pieces, are no easy tasks! Booked & busy is an understatement– she’s definitely a hustler! It’s so inspiring to watch her turn her love & passion for bikini’s into a business that will help women feel & look like their best & most confident self in her bikini’s. Be sure to follow this mega babe on instagram @BrookeSouza to keep up with her & what’s new with Boss Babe Bikini’s. xo.

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