L-Nasty’s Hummus Recipe

L-Nasty’s Hummus Recipe

Welcome back to yet another recipe blog post! These are clearly becoming a thing, you guys love & request them- so here I am as usual, answering with all the 411. You’re probably like, who & what tf is L-Nasty..? It’s a funny story..or stories, but that we don’t have enough time for & some are a little rated R- but basically, L-Nasty is a nickname for my ([sometimes] crazy ass) bestfriend named Lauren! We could have went with Lauren’s hummus recipe, but L-Nasty just has a nice ring to it, & lets face it, it’s eye catching, right? Anywho, L-Nasty  brought the most amazing, delicious, refreshing hummus salad dip situation I have ever had, to one of our most recent girls nights/dinner at my house!

The heat this summer in Hawai’i has been insane & the humidity? excuse me while drown in sweat. This dish was literally SO refreshing, light, tasty, & addicting. I am a huge fan of greek / Mediterranean dishes, & especially of hummus & pita bread / naan bread. Every since Lauren brought this to our girls night, I’ve requested almost every other time I’ve seen her LOL, it was a must for my recent 26th birthday party barbie BBQ! Being that I’m uber obsessed & addicted to it, you know she had to spill the recipe deets with me! & with her permission, she allowed me to share it with all of you! Highly recommend this dip for a healthy & light snack, as a appetizer to a party or event, you can even switch it up a bit- instead of just eating it with pita bread, you can throw it on a fresh salad, in a sandwich, & just so much more! This recipe is literally so SIMPLE! but yet still so flavorful & mouth watering. Lauren has a few pro tips when making this dish too.

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Ingredients + items needed:

Serving bowl / dish the size + amount you desire your dip to be

Hummus Dip (Organic, Sabara, whatever hummus you prefer)

Olive Oil

Black Pepper



Red Onion

Feta Cheese

1 can chopped black olives


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Step one: Spread the hummus of your choice into the dish, spread the humus evenly on the bottom of the serving bowl dish.

Step two: (Here’s a pro tip from L-Nasty to make sure your hummus dip doesn’t get watery over time!) Cut your cumber in half down the top so you have two long halves of cucumber, take a spoon & clean our the middle portion on each side of the cucumber halves, remove the translucent cucumber seeds within each side of the cucumber. Your cucumber halves should look like long cucumber boats when you’re done with this step!

Step three: Chop up a cucumber half, half a tomato, 1/4 red onion, into small bite size chunks. You can add more portions of these ingredients if you’re serving a large amount. There’s no pressure, just eye ball it!

Step four: Drizzle a light amount of olive oil (which ever oil you prefer to use, sometimes I’ll opt out on olive oil & even use avocado oil!) over the hummus you spread evenly on the bottom of the dish.

Step five: Layer on the chunks of refreshing cucumber, tomato, red onion, & chopped up olives on top of the humus spread on the bottom of your dish. There’s literally not fancy technique to do this, you can mix the topping together or layer them on individually by ingredient.

Step six: Add a dash of black pepper over everything, & then begin to crumble your feta cheese & layer it over the hummus + veggies spread. No salt needed for this dish unless you’d like to add a pinch for your own liking. Again, no serious science to this, add a much feta as you’d like by eye balling it!

Step seven: Serve up your delicious refreshing hummus dip with a side of warm sliced up pita bread, throw your dip on top of a salad, inside of a sandwich, or even just eat it on it’s own!



Isn’t it SO easy to make? It’s so flavorful to taste + look’s so fancy & aesthetically pleasing, everyone will think you slaved over it! Whether you make L-Nasty’s hummus recipe just for your pure indulgent or to share at a party or get together, it’s guaranteed to be a hit! Get use to making the recipe, because I can bet everyone will keep requesting it! Thank you so much for checking out yet another favorite must have & make recipe on GGD! Be sure to let me know your thought’s on the recipe & tag me in any recreations you make!

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