My On Point Aesthetics Signature Facial Experience

My On Point Aesthetics Signature Facial Experience

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You know what’s even better than good makeup..? Good skin. When I have soft, clear, even, hydrated, & plump skin- that’s when I feel the most beautiful, confident, & empowered? Would you say the same? If so, I hope you’re investing in your skincare regularly.  As a makeup artist & beauty enthusiast, I quickly learned the importance of great skincare, & skin preparation, before applying makeup. When you’re skin is on point- your makeup is on point! Everything just lay’s smoother & more flawlessly. I regularly take off my makeup before falling asleep, I do a full skincare routine morning & night, & I make a point to wear a good SPF as well. But beyond that, this summer I decided to spice my skincare regime up a notch with a new treatment I’ve never tried before.

I decided to try out the new On Point Aesthetics signature facial! I visited the owner & skincare expert, Mikhaila for my services. Mikhaila is so sweet, welcoming, transparent, & attentive from hello to goodbye. She truly made sure I had a comfortable experience, she educated me along the way by answering all of my questions, made sure to check with me how the settings level were feeling, & followed up post treatment to see how my skin was doing & healing. You can instantly see that she’s very passionate about what she does while taking much pride in her work & attention to detail!

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So what is the signature facial treatment & what does it do? It’s done with what’s called a nano pen, that creates the treatment of microdermabrasion on your skin. Their new signature nano pen facial exfoliates dead skin off, brings new skin to the surface for a more smooth & even complexion, minimizes the signs of fine lines & pores, reduces the appearance of texture, & leaves you with brand new baby smooth skin! It’s basically a way less abrasive form of microneedling for the face! Unlike the well known treatment of microneedling that has a down time of 5-10 days where the skin heals itself and scabs up, a nano pen microdermabrasion treatment has little to no down time. The next day, you can apply makeup again & continue your usual skincare routine. It’s a perfect treatment for a girl on the go lifestyle who can’t afford to be down & out 5-10 day’s out of the week with out seeing the public light of day.

During my second signature facial, I collaborated with the talented owner Mikhaila & her videographer,  Content in Motion, to create a video in capsuling my feedback + testimony of my experience, as well as a portion of the signature facial itself! This was such a fun collaboration to do, be apart of, & experience. I love meeting & networking with like minded & passionate creatives. I absolutely love how this video turned out & the results of my two signature facial treatments by Mihkaila. I hope you loved the vid as much as I do!



Let’s get into the super juicy deets! I know you have a handful of questions like,

Does the treatment hurt?

How long does the treatment take?

What happens during the treatment?

What does it feel like?

What should I expect post treatment?

How long until I see results?

First things first, Mikhaila cleansed my face. Then we began the facial treatment. In my personal opinion, the treatment is not painful, it was tolerable for me & reasonably quick! You’ll be finished in an hour or less. Mikhaila customized the level of intensity that the nano pen would be applied to my skin. There’s a low, medium, & high level. She started off with vacuuming out any dirt, makeup, oil & debris in my skin. Next she used pure hyaluroic acid to apply onto my skin, only on the ares she was currently treating & applying the nano pen to afterwards. She worked in sections across my face, managing the intensity level of the nano pen.

Majority of my skin was done with the nano pen on a medium level, with a lower level around more delicate & sensitive area’s such as my eyes, nose, and lips. To describe the sensation of the nano pen, it feels like tiny scratching & sucking at the skin, it feels like an exfoliation to the skin, which essentially it is! In some areas on my face it actually felt really good. My favorite area was actually on my lips, it felt so plump, juicy, & soft afterwards! Any & all dead skin, completely removed. At the very end of the treatment after finishing with the nano pen, she coated my skin with pure CBD oil (There’s so many bomb benefits to CBD oil) to help heal & fight inflammation in the skin post service.

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Featured are my results over a one week to two week process of healing! Like I mentioned previously, my favorite aspect about this treatment is the extreme lack of down time that it has. Within 24 hours or less post my first signature nano pen facial service, I was able to apply my makeup as usual & carry on with my regular daily / work routine. My first treatment was on July 18th & my second treatment was literally a week afterwards, on July 25th. Another additional great aspect about this signature facial is that you are able to resume your next treatment within a week’s time because it is extremely non abrasive to the skin in comparison to microneedling.

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What you can expect (at least after/in my experience):

  • Your skin may be pink-red toned, all over, or in particular area’s that were treated with higher strength levels by the nano pen. This is completely normal & your skin tone will heal & become normal in even complexion within 24-48 hours. You may still apply makeup & skincare products 24hrs post treatment.
  • Immediately afterwards your skin may feel tingly all over & have a light scratchy itch, this is also normal. Avoid touching your face as much as possible, only apply & rinse with water the first 24hrs.
  • Your skin may purge. This is normal after treatments where deep exfoliation happens, dead skin is removed, debris is vacuumed out of the pores, & new skin is brought to the surface. This means the treatment has been effective in bringing what left of the debris that was still within your skin, to the surface, so it can be removed leaving beautiful new clear skin.
  • Your skin may feel more dry after. This is also normal. This is when its extra imperative & important you up your moisturizer game a notch up from your usual regime. New skin means lots of hydration to keep the new skin plump & hydrated.
  • There still may be flaky or dead skin post day 1-2 of treatment, the old skin is still shedding off to bring new clear & even skin to the surface.

In closing, after two on point signature facial treatments, I noticed very quickly that my skin was extremely soft, texture free, my pores were tightened fine lines were softened down, my complexion was brighter & glowy, & make makeup now applies seamlessly! I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone looking to instantly liven up their skin, diminish dark spots, texture, & enlarged pores. Have you ever experienced a nano-needling pen treatment before? If you have, let’s chat about our results & experiences below in the comments! & Please let me know if you reach out to On Point Aesthetics to book your own On Point Signature facial & let Mikhaila know that I referred & sent you to her!

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(Disclaimer: All claims within in this blog post are based off my own personal hands on experience & recommendations prompted by my experience. In the essence of skincare & treatments, what works for me & my skin may not necessarily work for everyone, being that all & each skin types are extremely unique. I always urge researching treatments prior to booking and also inquiring to book a consultation with a professional skincare expert such as a esthetician or dermatologist to examine your skin, concerns, & be clear about the benefits your looking to achieve & what treatment is fitting for you.)

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