Kylie Skin Summer Body Collection Review

Kylie Skin Summer Body Collection Review

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Well into August & my birthday gifts were still rolling in! My friends are truly the best & always get me the most “So Kayla” like gifts. This year was no different! This Kylie Skin Summer Body Collection review was inspired by my belated birthday gift from my best friend, Landace! Even though I insisted she didn’t need to gift me anything extra, since she already treated me to a birthday wax (blog post coming soon on my experience), but still yet she surprised me with this super cute Kylie Skin body bundle gift! I mean, she wouldn’t be my BFF if she didn’t know me to the T! I truly had no idea she was ordering me this for my birthday, I had never even mentioned it but I was definitely peeping at it online & highly debating on purchasing it myself when it first launched. I hesitated & talked myself out of it, & sure enough, my bestie came in clutch! Now that I’ve been trying the products out for a bit I polled on my Instagram stories & 80 of you voted you definitely wanted a review on my newly gifted Kylie Skin Summer Body collection! If you want to purchase the same body products set as I was gifted, you can buy the Summer Body Bundle for $82. But let’s dig in to each product individually:

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Kylie Skin Coconut Scrub $26
What I like about this body scrub is that a little goes a long way on the skin when exfoliated with a bit of water in the shower. A quarter size of the scrub is all I really need for one body part or section. It also gives a light foaming texture after you thoroughly start to work the scrub onto the skin. I really like the fact that this scrub & all of the summer body products have a very natural coconut scent to them, there’s no added artificial or over powering fragrance added. The scrub is made up of pretty big chunky sized sugar granules, so if you prefer your body scrubs & exfoliates finely milled, or if you have sensitive skin- this probably wouldn’t be the best recommendation for you because it might be too harsh on your skin.

I really like how my skin feels as I’m rinsing this scrub off, it feels silky smooth with no remaining or lasting residue! I hate body scrubs that leave a thick oily film on my skin & body once I rinse off. As soon as I patted myself dry, my skin felt soft & fresh. I’m not a huge “body scrub” kinda gal, I enjoy a good scrub here & there but I don’t purchase a lot of them on my own. One I use majority of the time is the Frank Body Coffee scrub & it’s completely different from this Kylie Skin scrub. But I do like Kylie’s scrub better than my Frank Body Scrub because it’s completely mess free & leaves no lingering residue on your skin! Your shower & tub will rinse away clean after using this product. Though I feel this scrub is a little over priced, from a personal potential purchasing customer stand point.

Kylie Skin Coconut Body Lotion $24
This is definitely my favorite product out of Kylie’s entire summer body collection. While body scrubs don’t really excite me that much, I’m obsessed with lotions & oils! I was so excited to try this & I’m so happy to say that I love this lotion! I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how much I love it. Again, barely any fragrance! Which was so surprising to me because so many of Kylie’s other products have luscious sweet scents. There’s a light natural coconut scent that’s super subtitle & the texture of the formula is very creamy but light weight on the skin! Super smooth to rub onto & into the skin. I instantly felt hydrated after applying it & about 5 minutes later when the body lotion is fully absorbed into my skin, it feels super silky smooth after! No remaining or lingering lotion residue after it absorbs completely.

Do I think that this lotion is a game changing product that out does any other lotion on the market? Not quite..but it’s still a really good product for the price point. Again, I do feel that the price it’s sold at for $24 is a little bit of a stretch for the quality & size of 8fl oz, I’d personally sell & price it at $20 instead for the quality + size, but never the less I feel this formula is a good product for ALL skin types, sensitive included! I still have a few other lotions I do really love: Hempz original body moisturizer 17fl oz. for $10.69 at Target & Clarin’s Moisture rich body lotion 6.5fl oz for $43. Both are priced very differently, but to me, the quality is very up to par for their luxurious feel & benefits. But back to the Kylie Skin lotion- I really love this lotion immediately post body scrub when I’m fresh out of the shower. My skin feels so divine & soft when I use both one after each other! I also love the fact she used not only coconut oil, but jojoba oil, & Shea butter to create this lotion. All really great key ingredients to silky smooth & conditioned skin. Although I don’t think it’s the ‘best’ lotion out for retail, I do think it is a really good formula & gives you soft, hydrated, & healthy looking skin. I would definitely recommend this body lotion to anyone who has an interest in trying it.

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Kylie Skin SPF Oil $32

SPF & sunscreen in general is a long winded & controversial topic. Everyone has their own opinion & preferences when it comes to sunscreen & SPF. It’s truly about finding & using the right form of SPF that works for you. Kylie Jenner created & launched a oil form of SPF 30, that its a chemical form of sunscreen. The ingredients in her SPF 30 oil, have no physical sunscreen ingredients. But you’re like what’s the difference right? According to American Academy of Dermatology’s Atricle on SPF, “Chemical sunscreens work like a sponge, absorbing the sun’s rays. They contain one or more of the following active ingredients: oxybenzone, avobenzone (Kylie Skin 3% ), octisalate (Kylie Skin 5% ), octocrylene (Kylie Skin 10% ), homosalate (Kylie Skin 10% ) and octinoxate. These formulations tend to be easier to rub into the skin without leaving a white residue. Physical sunscreens work like a shield, sitting sit on the surface of your skin and deflecting the sun’s rays. They contain the active ingredients zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. Opt for this sunscreen if you have sensitive skin.”

That being said, what’s the real tea? Ultimately, is a chemical or physical form of sunscreen better for you & your protection? The truth is, both are good, it’s about choosing what works best for your skin type, lifestyle functionality, & ease in application & reapplication. The real difference according to Byrdie, “Whereas physical sunscreens sit on top of the skin and block rays at the surface, chemical sunscreens absorb them, like a sponge. “Chemical sunscreens tend to be thinner and, therefore, spread more easily on the skin, making them more wearable for daily use. Less is needed to protect the skin because there is no risk of leaving spaces between the sunscreen molecules after application.”

That being said, I can see exactly why Kylie chose to opt in to creating a oil form of SPF for her first sun protection product in her body skincare line. It’s easy to apply & reapply. Plus, who doesn’t want oiled up, glossy,  glowy, & healthy looking skin?! In my opinion & experience, it’s definitely easier to apply an oil form of sunscreen than a typical thick / creamy formula & texture of sunscreen. You also avoid the concern of  being left with white residue on the skin that most often thicker physical forms of sunscreen can leave you with if not completely & thoroughly rubbed in. The spray is easy to use & it covers a generous amount of area when sprayed & applied. I’d say about 2-3 sprays is enough to thoroughly cover one body part with complete SPF protection! Perhaps it’s due to it’s chemical grade formulation of her SPF, but when I first apply the SPF oil onto my skin, it smells of alcohol, like rubbing alcohol. After the product is rubbed into & absorbed into the skin, the alcohol scent starts to diminish & becomes essentially scentless.

I did use this SPF oil on a very hot & sunny day at the beach recently to put her to the real test, which I will say, I do feel I still got a tan from being in the sun, but did not burn due to the thorough coating & application of the SPF Oil. I personally enjoy this product the most when I use it at the beach or for an outdoor activity. This would not be my favorite form of sunscreen / SPF on a day to day basis where I’m going to work, running errands, or anything of that sort. I personally don’t like the feel of oily skin while I’m out & about, especially in Hawai’i’s already naturally humid & sometimes sticky climate, when I’m not in a swimsuit or doing anything out-doorsy. But that’s just my personal opinion & preferences! If you have drier skin on a normal basis, you might like & prefer this oil form of SPF on a daily basis.

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My conclusion & final thoughts of the Kylie Skin Summer Body Collection is that they’re good products over all, but not anything I’d consider as ‘game changing’. To me, a great product makes your jaw drop & makes all other alternative options become forgotten in comparison! I truly feel the quality of these products belong on the shelf at your local Target or CVS store, & the prices shaven down by $5-6! They do the job good, but they don’t blow my mind where I’ll never use another brand or product alike other than Kylie Skin. All that being said, I do think this is a good start to her body products & body care line, hopefully over time with other upcoming body products she formulates & launches, the quality of her products & packaging will continue to consistently get better, & go from good to great. The packaging of this collection is extremely simplistic & definitely not luxurious in anyway. Hence, the price point for them perhaps? Either way, I do think she could step up her body products packaging to be a cuter & more upscale than just basic pink text on a white bottle, especially for the price. *yawns* Come on billionaire baby! So the real question is, will I purchase & restock any of these products in the future? Most likely, not all, but the one I feel the most confident I may purchase on my own & restock when I run out, is the body lotion! If you’ve tried any of these Kylie Skin Summer Body Collection products, let’s chat on socials or in the comment’s below about your personal thought’s & experiences with these products!

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