“Growing & Glowing”, My talk story episode on The Rising Tide HNL Podcast

“Growing & Glowing”, My talk story episode on The Rising Tide HNL Podcast

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I’m still blown away at the blessing of this opportunity, this definitely has to be my favorite collaboration, hands down, to date! This was a huge & exciting first for me!  Recently I had the privilege of sitting down with the amazing, Kiara Quitugua, not only for coffee to get to know each other, but for her new podcast show The Rising Tide, to tell my stories of resilience in my own episode! *screams* If you’ve been keeping up with me & GGD, you know I’m obsessed with podcasts! I have an undying love for them, I listen to an episode or two every day while getting ready or driving! The timing of this opportunity could not have been more aligned with the synchronicity of the universe, the morning we recorded this episode- was the day I made a huge monumental exciting announcement on my Instagram page. It was really the most incredible & flattering moment to be invited on as a guest to chat & talk story with Kiara on The Rising Tide podcast. My episode with her is also launching as her first ever, for the podcast. Talk about being so HONORED! What I loved about Kiara even before meeting her in person, is when she first reached out to me via email inquiring if I’d be willing to collaborate, she came thoroughly prepared with such an insanely well put together pitch. Her branding purpose, mission, & intent was very clear & I loved every bit of it so much that I knew I definitely wanted to be apart of her mission,

“The Rising Tide podcast is a passion project that aspires to inspire by highlighting positive movement in our local economy and imploring our listeners to be part of it. The belief behind the Rising Tide mission is that when we achieve our own individual success and happiness, the rest of the world tends to be a better place for it. When we are fulfilled in our life and our work, and it’s materialized into something positive- we become the tide that uplifts those around us.

The emphasis of the podcast is on creating a dialogue on the importance of developing a healthy community by empowering the people within it. We invite movers and shakers of our community to share the story of their journey.

What were the triumphs and challenges along the way? What insights and perspectives were gained? We want to encourage honest talks about our own unique definitions of success and happiness, as well as how we get there. If there is a story of empowerment, creativity, sustainability, and/or leadership- we want the world to hear it.”

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Kiara met me at my home to record this episode for The Rising Tide podcast, & what I thought would be an hour or so convo, turned into about 2 hours! I’m known to go on a tangent or two, but also when Kiara & I first met- she jokingly swore she wouldn’t be taking up too much of my time, but then to our surprise, we chatted for over 2 hours together! We totally hit it off, lost track of time getting to know each other by our triumphs & struggles, which all made me even more comfortable & excited about recording this podcast to share my stories of perseverance & resilience. Every minute blew by while recording this, each one was full of happiness & pure bliss, I’m so grateful Kiara shared this opportunity & her time to collaborate on this with me.

My whole intent with sharing these stories in this interview / talk story episode is truly to resonate, comfort, inspire, or motivate anyone who has experienced the set backs & struggles I have, or anything challenging in general while trying to create the life of your dreams. There are many other set backs that were unfair & undeserving along the way, but we simply didn’t have enough time to share everything I’ve experienced these past two years. I wanted to finally get the heaviest of weights from my trials off my chest that I felt many may relate to, & share that the success of  reaching my goals has been far from easy for me to achieve. Though, as heart wrenching & stretching the whole process of hard work to make my goals a reality was, I’m learning everything is meant to happen for a reason. Rejection is actually crucial protection in your journey of life! You’re going to get to where you’re meant to be, no matter what– so stop beating yourself up, stop stressing out trying to figure it all out, & keep working hard. Keep moving forward. Keep pushing on pass all the “No’s” & non-believers. Keep getting back up after getting knocked down. Keep believing in yourself. Keep working your ass off. That’s the motherf*cking recipe!! Success that actually feels well deserved is NOT meant to be easy, it’s meant to challenge you, stretch you, strengthen you, test you, develop you, damn near almost break you, & most importantly- equip you!!

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● 03:42 ➜ Introducing Kayla Andes

● 10:52 ➜ Getting her start in makeup and content creating

● 25:40 ➜ The importance of re-evaluating career growth trajectory

● 26:20 ➜ Announcing new position at Morphe

● 37:30 ➜ On facing multiple rejections

● 49:18 ➜ Bouncing back when life isn’t “fair”

● 57:00 ➜ Kayla’s winning over defeat by creating her own opportunities

● 01:07:12 ➜ Hitting rock bottom + Evolving with resilience

● 01:13:35 ➜ Trying to make sense of setbacks

● 01:22:20 ➜ Having an attitude of gratitude in the face of rejection

● 01:26:28 ➜ Speaking positivity in your life with affirmations

● 01:28:35 ➜ The reality behind using affirmations

● 01:37:22 ➜ Taking ownership of your wins with extreme self-belief

● 01:42:10 ➜ The fallacy of what success looks like

● 01:49:48 ➜ Blend the rules!!

● 01:55:16 ➜ Keeping up with Kayla

I want to truly thank any & everyone who took the time out to listen to our entire episode together, subscribed, rated, & reviewed Kiara’s newly launched podcast! This really was such a special experience for me that I will never forget & will treasure forever. I can not wait to look back over time & continuously re-listen to this episode over time to remind & re-inspire myself that I am very much capable of making my goals & dreams a reality, especially more so that it’s OKAY if it takes me a short or even long amount of time to do so. It’s always nerve wrecking getting vulnerable publicly about failures, set backs, rejection, & so forth- but I did so because I want to create a safe space & honest community with my audience so that we can get real together & really help one another.

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