GGD Iced Matcha Latte

GGD Iced Matcha Latte

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I’ve been on an insane Matcha trip lately. It all started when I stumbled across Kourtney Kardashian’s personal Matcha latte recipe on her blog, Poosh. I read the recipe & thought to myself, that sounds so good right now! Not to mention, I’ve been over indulging in a new Starbucks Matcha order I found off of Roxette Arisa’s Youtube Channel, where she filmed a “Trying my subscribers fav Starbucks drinks”. Which turned out to be amazing & amplified my whole Matcha kick. But the most insane part of all, is that in all my 26 years of life thus far, I’ve NEVER liked Matcha! I always thought it was so gross, until now! I always enjoyed green tea, but never Matcha drinks, baked goods, or anything of the flavor. So weird right!? I’ve noticed my taste buds & cravings are totally changing with age these days.

It’s safe to say this past month I’ve been completely Matcha obsessed! But particularly obsessed about creating & perfecting my own personal amazing iced Matcha latte recipe. The luxury & convenience of whipping it up right at my finger tips at home before I start my day, the fact that I’ll be saving so much more money than on $5 Starbucks Matcha’s, & also knowing exactly what ingredients are going into my drink & where they’re sourced from, is a big perk. I wanted to create a iced Matcha latte I could enjoy as much as my Starbucks fav (I’ll share my custom order below) but with out all the added sugar, more pure authentic Matcha goodness, & right up my taste bud alley. Though I still wanted to keep it as simple as possible, because let’s face it, you just don’t have the time to be throwing a million in one ingredients together when you’re already running fashionably late (my M.O) out the door! Or, just lazy in the AM. The key here is making tasty AF but with minimal ingredients.

You’ll need:

Measuring cup

An electronic frother (this is the one I use)

1 tbsp Matcha Powder (add more or less for taste or if you need more energy)

1 &1/2 to 2 cups Regular Oatly (Oat Milk)

2 tbsp Agave Nectar or Honey (add more if you like it sweeter)

How to make it:

Use the measuring cup to microwave 1/4 cup of water so it’s hot (I usually microwave for 30sec), then you’ll pour your matcha powder inside the hot water in the measuring cup. Use your electronic frother to mix the matcha powder into the hot water so it becomes a smooth, green liquid with out any clumps of matcha powder. The pour your Oatly milk into whatever cup of your choice to drink from is, & proceed to pour the mix of hot water & matcha into the cup of Oatly milk. Then take your frother device, & mix the matcha liqud with your Oatly milk. It should look like a minty green color! Then, add in your agave or honey. Again, proceed with your frother device to mix in the honey. If you use your frother device towards the surface of your liquid, it’ll start to create a foamy top! If you don’t like foam, keep your frother deeper in the liquid. Then, taste test! Add more Matcha, Oat Milk, or honey to get the concoction to your desired taste perfection, add ice, & that’s it! You’ve got your dairy free, GGD Matcha Iced Latte ready to enjoy!

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If you want to try my Matcha Starbucks order, this is it:

Grande iced Matcha latte

+ with coconut milk

+ One pump raspberry

+ One pump toffee nut

& ask for it on light ice!

Legit taste so yummy, Roxette’s subscriber’s who recommended this order for her to try, said they feel it taste like boba in a way! Either way, its literally my go-to non coffee order at Starbucks now!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe blog post, it’s really THAT simple & easy to make, it’s dairy free, healthy, & just the pick me up I need in the mornings when I want to steer clear of drinking coffee. If you recreate this recipe, please tag me! Let me know how you like to drink your matcha or if you tried this recipe, in the comments below!

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