Current Morphe Favorites: November 2019

Current Morphe Favorites: November 2019

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Finally back with a new blog post & it’s a beauty related one at that! So it’s officially approaching a month & a half now that our O’ahu, Hawai’i, Morphe store has been open. It’s safe to say, over the past month, I’ve easily discovered some amazing & extremely affordable favorites sold within our gorgeous store! Everything included in this plog post, if you wanted to buy them all- would be less that $140 TOTAL, for all 10! I have SO many favorite’s, it’d take forever for me to finish this post, so I figured I’d break down holy grail & new favorite finds at Morphe, into monthly beauty favorites, blog posts. First up, November favorites of course! My top 10 products I’ve discovered & religiously have been using since beginning my career journey as a Morphe babe! I hope you love this blog post & discover these products to be your new fav’s too!

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Morphe Fluidity Concealer

SO BOMB! Really impressed with & blown away by the quality of this concealer, for the price of only $9! She’s very full coverage, demi-matte self setting, a thin formula, & works amazing anywhere you apply her, whether it’s full face or under eyes. I high recommend this concealer for not inly the under eyes, but as a ‘no makeup-makeup’ spot conceal or foundation look! My under eye shade is C1.65 & my face spot concealing shade is C3.35

Morphe Sharpener

I love this sharpener because it literally makes anything you sharpen in it, super sharp & pointy! It doesn’t break apart liners, just sharpens to perfection at the insane price of only $2!!

P Louise x Mitchell Acid Reign Base in ‘Blank Canvas’

I love P Louise & Mitchell, they’re both such sweet & talented individuals, I was so excited to see & try out this collaboration of products. I legit died when P Louise messaged me back to my story post I tagged her in, because I posted a selfie using her product. She said ‘Stunning babe’ LIKE WHAT?! I can die happily now. Although they collab’d on a variety of shades together, ‘blank canvas’ is my favorite to lay on as an all over eye nude shadow base, as well as my favorite to use for any type of cut crease look! There’s definitely a big difference in the Mitchell collab formulas, than the original P Louise bases. Mitchell’s are more of a thicker mouse-y formula, where as her original base formulas are very creamy, thinner, & sticky/tacky. I reccommend both, it just depends on your personal preference. Also so affordable, considering a little goes such a long way, at $15-18!

Morphe Slanted Tweasers

Undefeated! all of our tweasers are so sharp, they catch every single tiny & thin hair possible! I can’t stand when my thin brow hair slip through my tweasers, I never have that issue with these & I love to use them to apply my eyelashes.

Morphe Glamabronze in ‘Mega Star’

A legit holy grail. The best bronzer of all bronzer’s I ever ever tried. Mega star is perfection, she needs no changes. She’s the all in one, do it all, bronzer for me! I’m seriously obsessed. Like, where do I even start? She’s huge, like literally. I’ve been using this bronzer religiously 5 days a week, for 2 months now, & I have barely even make the smallest dent into it! She has a big gorgeous mirror, perfect for travel & babes on the go. The formula of this product is divine, it’s very smooth & buttery super pigmented, & easy to apply. I personally love the shade ‘mega star’ because it’s my PERFECT warm toned bronzer that I can use to bronze slightly for warmth, or add more product to give depth & intensity for more of a snatched contour! She truly does it all. I love using her on my eyes as a transition shade or a quick, one color in the crease, shadow look! I normally & usually (prior to owning mega star) would have to build & layer two different bronzer’s for the perfect tone. Morphe really nailed it with this shade & formula in this bronzer. Can’t rave enough about it!

Morphe Highlight in ‘Extra’

She really lives up to her name, if you love a good highlight, ‘extra’ is blinding! She’s the perfect mix of champagne & gold, highlight (my favorite). ‘Extra’ reminds me a lot of ABH Amrezy highlight, I feel like they’re distant sisters in the makeup product-dupe world. I always, always, get compliments when I wear this highlighter. She’s not only perfect on the cheekbones, but I love using her on my under brow & inner corner of my eye for a pop of shimmer! The formula is very silky & smooth, it’s easy to apply, pigmented on it’s own, but so dreamy when wet with setting spray. I’m obsessed!

Morphe Eyelash curler

One of the best in the game, no doubt. It’s so hard for me to find the perfect eyelash curler, & Morphe truly nailed it. It gives me the perfect curl that last, it has so much attention to detail with the little band attached to keep your curler closed when you’re not using it, & is affordable! Definitely will curl even the most stubborn of lashes.

Morphe Lipliner in ‘Honeymoon’

DUPE ALERT: & not just ANY dupe alert, but dupe alert for my FAVORITE lip liner of LIFE. Yes, if you know me you know…I’m talking about M.A.C Stripdown liner, my #1 holy grail. The lip liner I’ve used literally almost every single day for the past 7 years now. If that’s not true love & loyalty, I don’t know what is!? Especially because the price for Stripdown is officially about $18. But, I found THE dupe at Morphe & it’s called ‘Honeymoon’! It’s legit as CLOSE as you can get without being 100% Identical. I feel like it’s like 95% to be honest- I mean, I’m pretty loyal to the soil to my Stripdown! I can just tell. But never the less, Honeymoon is a gorgeous nude lip liner that look’s great on almost everyone, for the perfect nude base or lip.

Jefree Star Cosmetics Supreme Frost in ‘Snow Globe’

One word: BLINDING. I love this highlight by JSC! Working at Morphe, was truly the first time I’ve tried a variety of JSC products, & girl I am shook by the quality! Hi how are ya?! *Jeffree voice*. But really, his cosmetic product line is filled with high quality items at a still very reasonable & affordable price point. With Jeffree, not only are you getting bomb quality, but you’re also getting bomb packaging! What I love most about this highlighter is that it’s made for the true glow girls & boys. It shimmer’s so gorgeously!! It has chunkier shimmer in this formula, it reflects so beautifully in the light, & gives a very wet look on it’s own. I love this shade ‘Snow Globe’ because it’s my favorite tone for highlight- champagne / gold! This is also stunning to smother you’re entire body with & glow from head to toe!

Beauty Bakerie Flower Setting Powder in ‘Oat’

If you want to look pore-less, super smooth, & filtered in REAL life- I highly recommend this loose setting powder! It’s super finely milled, silky smooth, & leave’s my under eye concealer set af & crease-less for the entire day! I truly feel like the quality of this powder is incredible & under rated, also under raved about, for the price of $22! I feel it’s very reasonably priced compared to other high end ‘cult favorites’ such as Laura Mercier or Hour Glass. I feel this setting powder is up to par, if not even better than high end loose powders, for half the price. It’s a new 3rd party line we just started carrying in store at Morphe & I def recommend it!

Let’s chat in the comment’s below, have you tried any of these products yet, what’re your thoughts, or what’re you personally excited to try from Morphe?! I love a good beauty / product talk, there’s always just SO much to say. Def let me know if you stop by our Morphe Hawai’i store at Ala Moana Center, & if you pick up any of these products to try out!

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