About me

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Born & raised on O’ahu, Hawai’i, my name is Kayla Kea Lani Andes. Although I’m known by my colleagues & clients, as Kayla. I am a 24 year old passionate certified makeup artist, beauty enthusiast, blogger, youtuber, & entrepreneur. I’ve been doing freelance makeup & hair since 2013, I have worked for brands such as Dior in the past, & I am currently a Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist & sales associate. Aside from working & being employed in a beauty department, I am also a certified freelance makeup artist where I provide any special occasion mobile services.

Since embarking on my journey to pursuing & fine tuning my passion, I have completed & received a makeup certification by Susan Page Makeup Center, where I completed an 11 week intensive makeup certification program that trained me for various beauty services from bridal, runway, photo shoots, & so much more. In my free time, to further my passion & business opportunities, I created a YouTube channel & Blog on this website where I share content about my favorite beauty products, reviews, makeup tutorials, & lifestyle, & fashion videos.​

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At a young age I grew up around my mother, a professional cosmetologist, in her own hair & nail salon. I truly believe that’s where I got my natural knack for hair & makeup & also where my passion began. Growing up, I was always very creative, & self-expression through art was always prominent in my life & extremely important to me. My entire branding is built around the motto & belief that everyone deserves to feel their ultimate best, confident, & secure. My job is to do what I can to the best of my ability to make sure all my clients leave feeling as such. It’s so rewarding to me, to enhance a clients natural beauty & transform them to leave my chair, not just feeling beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.

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