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Glow Getter Diaries was created to be your ultimate resource + guide for all things beauty, lifestyle, & provide anything that will inspire + lead you to look, feel, & live your best self & most authentic life. Glow Getter Diaries provides real value, opinions, experience, knowledge, resources, recommendations, & conversations. Are you passionately committed to living your best life, gaining + adding value, showing up everyday as your most authentic self, speaking + living your truth, accomplishing all of your goals, breaking barriers, & living a life completely on your terms? Then you’ve arrived exactly where you’re meant to be. Glow Getter Diaries is a safe space & community for everyone who wants to design & live the life of their dreams, as the person they so passionately desire to become.

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My name is Kayla Andes, I’m the creator & CEO of Glow Getter Diaries. I’m a multi-faceted hustler & babe-prenuer. Aside from being a content + blog creator & brand owner, I’m a mobile makeup artist + hairstylist. I have been passionately dedicated to providing impeccable beauty services since 2013. My official & professional journey providing makeup & hair services began in 2013 where I first started offering my freelance beauty services. In 2014 I landed my first professional position providing services for an incredible global beauty company & brand named, Dior. In 2016, I was awarded a makeup artistry certificate from Susan Page Makeup Center where I completed an 11 week intensive course that trained & skilled me to provide beauty services for any special occasion, photo shoots, weddings, & so much more. After completing my makeup certification courses at Susan Page Makeup Center, later in 2016 I landed my second professional position in the beauty industry with the brand of the leading #1 makeup artist in the world, Charlotte Tilbury. In that time, I’ve also created a outlet for me to express my creative passions, I have a YouTube channel, aside from running Glow Getter Diaries.

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At a young age I grew up around my mother, a professional cosmetologist, in her own hair & nail salon. I truly believe that’s where I got my natural knack for hair & makeup & also where my passion began. Growing up, I was always very creative, & self-expression through art was always prominent in my life & extremely important to me. My entire branding is built around the motto & belief that everyone deserves to feel their ultimate best, confident, & secure. My job is to do what I can to the best of my ability to make sure all my clients leave feeling as such. It’s so rewarding to me, to enhance a clients natural beauty & transform them to leave my chair, not just feeling beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.

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