To book for any occasion service or do a business collaboration with me, please fill out & submit the information on my contact pagePlease give at least a week’s time for a response, due to service & business demands. All bookings should be made at LEAST a week in advance, booking’s made in less than a week in advance have an additional booking fee. (This excuses bridal booking’s- minimum booking for a bridal party is 2 months notice, any less & a additional fee is applied) Have questions about booking & how to be prepared for your service? visit my frequently asked questions & answers page.

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The prom & special occasion rates above are solid base rates. Standard reusable slid false eye lashes are provided in this price, unless you prefer & bring your own set of false eye lashes to apply. These rates may increase depending on preferences & environmental factors, ex: type of false lashes, air brush finish makeup, HD photography makeup, & etc.

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The bridal rates below are estimated bridal party rates that depend on preferences & environmental factors. All of these rates may vary depending on services, party count, extra service rates such as travel time, early bird fee, & etc. I do also offer hair services for bridal bookings. Please contact me to request a bridal contract which will give further detailed information & break down the correct price that applies to your party & circumstances.


(Depending on HD products/lashes/etc)



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Special package add on’s you may include & request to prep your skin for the perfect makeup application experience:

Hydrating prep face mask $10

Calming & soothing prep face mask $10

Brightening & lightening prep face mask $10

Anti-aging firming & lifting prep face mask $15

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.25.10 PM.png $60 (1hr & one person only)

A one on one lesson includes a hands on learning experience on a beauty feature or topic of your choice, for 60min. In a one on one lesson, I provide the products & tool’s needed for the learning experience. Rates for a one on one lesson may vary due to travel costs. Inquire for more information & details.

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$30 (Per Person, min. party of 5)

A master class is a group based course on your desired topic(s) where you & your party of 5 of more learn hands on techniques & skills with me. All products & tools needed are provided by me for the learning experience. A master class must be booked 3-4 weeks in advance with a solidified head count. I also provide gift bags filled with beauty items I feel correlate to the master class topic. There may also be additional charges & fee’s not shown above for travel costs & etc. Please contact me & inquire for more information to get your correct rates.

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$50 (Depending on length & thickness)

I provide the service of simple hair styling, straighten & curling, using professional hot tools & styling products.  The price listed may vary due to hair length & thickness.