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In 2016, after obsessive months of watching beauty guru’s dish their best kept secrets & ‘how to’s’ while creating a following & enhancing their life with opportunity through passion, I thought to myself, ‘this could totally be me’. I’ve always loved teaching, sharing, & public speaking, so it only seemed right to share my knowledge & creativity, & what better way to do so by reaching an unlimited number of viewers & supporters, than youtube?

So I created a my youtube channel, my online creative space to show case beauty tutorials, hacks, tips & tricks, lifestyle, & fashion videos. It’s everything from ‘how to’ to ‘what not to do’ & everything in between. Not only do I share beauty enthusiast content but this is  where I get to interact with fans, friends, & other beauty bloggers. I started my youtube channel with absolutely no expectations & it’s been such an amazing & fulfilling journey watching it grow, learning, meeting amazing people, & being offering amazing opportunities. Please check out my youtube channel, thumbs up your favorite videos, & most importantly, subscribe! Please feel free to leave me video suggestions- your voice matters to me.